Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Possible Career Track

When Clark was a very wee little lad we used to drive him all the way down to BYU for "Saturday Safaris".  They were two or three hour animal/science camps.  The BYU students teaching the classes would bring out a few live animals for the kids to see and handle and teach them about groups of animals.  Around the same time Clark discovered Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin.  Clark's dreams were born.
He got started teaching three science camps this summer and then got a job as the entertainment at a kid's birthday party.  He loved it!
The big snake was a highlight.
He brought along some feeder fish for the turtle to eat.
Cannon is good friends with the birthday boy so he got in on the action.  There is a really great group of boys his age in our neighborhood.
Bethany went along as his lovely assistant.
Pass the tortoise.

Clark is now booking future birthday parties.

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