Monday, October 28, 2013

Awaiting the Great Pumpkin

Everyone at our house is anxiously awaiting the glorious day and evening of Halloween, but in the meantime we're enjoying Halloween traditions.
 Abe and Clark really take the lead on carving pumpkins, which I love.  Elinor and Faith were very helpful as well.  Bethany was not so helpful, as she will not gut pumpkins-- she is my daughter.
But she did come up with this great idea that her dad was nice enough to create for her.
Cannon and George were of no use in carving pumpkins, but were of great use in entertaining the family. 
Cannon has some serious dance moves!  As we listened to fun Halloween music Cannon declared, "I have the perfect moves for every song!"
I concur.
I contributed to the evening by baking loads of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  I just can't get enough of them.
Clark made the jack-o-lantern in a jack-o-lantern.
I'm sure we're not eligible to win because Abe works for Winder, but we entered our picture with our Winder cooler in the Halloween picture contest anyway.
Elinor had Halloween on the mind during dinner this week.  Do you like her peas and carrots pumpkin?
Faith was a cutie-little lion at a zoo birthday party for a friend on Saturday.
I liked that we could make her a mane with her own hair.   The nose was a little tight, so it came off  very quickly.
Elinor's children's choir went "pumpkin caroling" today.  They went around a neighborhood doing the equivalent of Christmas caroling, but with pumpkin-y words replacing Christmas words.
I'll be honest, it was interesting.
I think I'll like their actual Christmas concert much better.
But the boys were happy to get a doughnut out of it.  Don't you think it's sad that Cannon has such a hard time expressing himself?
We're working on helping him to come out of his shell.
Abe and I had a fun event Saturday night-- a Hawaiian murder mystery party.  It was fun, but I was quite nervous before hand because it was with quite a small group, including the President, the CEO and the VP of Sales at Winder Farms.  It was a bit of a precursor to the Hawaiian trip in January.   Having never met them before I was worried that my first introduction would be at an event I was very likely to behave badly at.  I tend to get very obnoxious in games like this.  I did my best to behave and was very happy to see how genuinely nice and welcoming they were.
Abe turned out to be the murderer and I figured it out!

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