Sunday, October 6, 2013

Swimmer Saturday

Saturday morning dawned bright and early with an 8 AM swim meet for Clark, Bethany, and Elinor.  Also pictured here are our swim team carpooling neighbors and wonderful friends.  It was a great meet and I am pleased to announce that my kiddos smashed their previous times in all the events they swam.   Proof once again that consistent practice over time inevitably brings improvement.
Warning:  If you are prone to nausea when you hear mothers brag about their kids now would be a good time to avert your eyes or grab a barf bag.
Clark swam a 50 yard freestyle (2nd place), 50 yard backstroke (1st place), and 100 yard freestyle (1st place). 
Bethany swam a 50 freestyle, 50 breaststroke and 50 butterfly.  I think she has quite a lovely dive into the pool and her butterfly is looking great.  Must be all that past dance training.
Elinor swam her first meet after only being on the swim team for 1 week.  This was her 2nd and she had huge improvement.  She did a 25 freestyle, 25 backstroke, and 25 breaststroke.
It was such fun to watch them and see such improvement.  Since we have such a deep and long-running tradition on being a part of very losing teams in team sports, you can imagine what a thrill it is to cheer on my children when they are doing well.  It's just such a new phenomenon.
That's okay, right?  That doesn't put me into wacko, fanatic parent mode does it?  Well, even if it does, it was great fun.
Georgie was such a good sport for the two and a half hour meet.  It was hot and humid and he was a trooper.
The little boys were happy to be with their big brother.  And big brother realized that his female swim team peers thought his little brothers were cute.  Win/Win.
 We were so grateful to Abe for working to take care of our family, but we did miss him at the swim meet.  So we went to go visit him afterwards.  He was working a farmer's market at Gardner Village all day on Saturday.
We like to go find all the witches at Gardner Village every October anyway, so it worked out well.  We usually go in the evening, so I had no idea it would be so busy on a Saturday.
Then in the afternoon the girls and I went to a marching band competition in a neighboring town.  My youngest cousin marches for American Fork-- which is the biggest and best band in Utah.  Having quite a background with marching bands myself, I could really appreciate how spectacular they were.  Wow!  It was really enjoyable and took me back.
After the days activities we were all pretty wiped out.  None more so than these little cuties.
Sadly, I had to wake them up to make a run to the grocery store.  But here is a funny little story about these guys.  While we were at the marching band competition I called Clark to check on things at home.  It has been General Conference weekend and thanks to modern technology I can quite easily catch up on the Conference I missed during all these Saturday activities.  But Clark was home with the little boys so I reminded him to watch from 2-4.  I called just after 4:00 and asked how he was.
Clark:  Beat up!
Mom:  Why's that?
Clark:  Do you have any idea how hard it is to get two little boys to sit down and watch conference?
Mom:  Why yes, I do, actually!  But thank you.

He's a good boy.

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Ali said...

I love that they are enjoying swimming so much! Now this is a sport I would love to come watch them compete in! I am so proud of them for doing so well!!!!