Sunday, November 10, 2013

Halloween Leftovers

This post is not about leftover Halloween candy-- although there remains plenty of that to torment me in my own home.
Rather, it's the leftover Halloween pictures and memories I haven't gotten around to posting yet, but think they are worth remembering.  But if I don't post them, I likely won't remember them.
Abe took the kids downtown to trick-or-treat at Aunt Allison's work.  It's fun for them and they get really good candy there.  Which I later appreciate.
Getting ready to head out on a very mild Halloween evening.
Meeting up with more friends.
And even more friends.  It is so much fun for the kids to have so many good friends so close by.
Clark had a few friends over to celebrate Bryson's birthday (in yellow).
These are real pumpkins!  Can you believe it!  It is the coolest Halloween house by far.  Well, the neighbors who do freshly fried homemade donuts are pretty cool as well.  And the ones who do hotdogs for the neighborhood are awesome.  We just have a fantastic neighborhood for trick-or-treating!
And although I look absolutely possessed in this picture-- I was very happy to see my littlest trick-or-treater, George.
The evening's haul was quite respectable.  I underestimated how much candy I needed to buy for the neighborhood trick-or-treaters this year.  And then I felt very bad about how much candy my children collected.  Next year I'll be better and be more generous.

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