Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sick Day

Oh, my.  We be sick at our house.  This was yesterday morning and we were in pretty bad shape.  Clark started things a couple of days before with a bad sinus infection and cough.  The next day he was markedly worse and I took him into the Dr.   Then, yesterday we all (except Abe fortunately) woke up with fevers and chills and body aches.  Today I am feeling better, and Clark is on the mend, but everyone else is still zonked out on my bed upstairs. 

Yesterday really was not a good day to get sick (is any day, really?).  Like most days we had lots going on, not the least of which was Bethany's concerto audition.  We bailed on everything except that for her.  We drugged her up and sent her on her way.  With the help of lots of prayers and a Priesthood blessing from Abe, she said the audition went very well.  We don't know results yet.  
Before the sickness struck this week Bethany has a fun time making clay snails.
How colorful!  Then Elinor and Faith helped her to make a short film showing a snail race with some animation software. 
Cannon was a good helper for Abe and I raking leaves on Saturday.  You wouldn't know looking at our lawn today that we have put forth some effort with our leaves, but we have.  And Elinor and Faith filled lots of bags earlier this week as well.  
The reward of helping with the leaves being that you get to play in the leaves a bit as well.
A couple of weeks ago Clark and Bethany went to a Speech and Debate tournament down at BYU.  Neither of them won their categories, but they were pleased with their placements.  Abe and my dad volunteered to be judges at the event.  You don't really need any special training to judge, but it is really quite interesting.

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christini yogini said...

Love & hugs to you, Fox family, I hope you're all feeling fabulous again soon!!!