Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Means Family

Christmas is almost here and that means serious FAMILY TIME!!!!!  
Last night we had an adults dinner (minus Chip and Laura in Virginia).  We went to Texas Roadhouse- we'd never been there before- and it was great fun sharing memories of Christmases past and talking about our children and lives.  
My girls were beyond thrilled to get to tend Aliyah and Rosalie while the adult were out.  
This was our first time getting to meet little Rosalie because they live so far away in Washington state.  It is especially fun to see her because she looks so much like Faith looked as a baby-- and a bit like Elinor as well.  It's kind of like going back in time.
Matt and Misty came to church with us today and Uncle Abe was in love with Rosalie as well.
As we got to church this morning we had someone take this family picture.  It was a really nice day at Church today.  Our family was very involved with Sacrament Meeting and the choir and music.  Bethany spoke, Elinor played the chimes on the organ, Faith sang in a small children's choir with one of the songs, I played organ, and Bethany played a violin accompaniment with a song.  We were kept busy, but it was wonderful.  

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