Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Clark Family Christmas Gathering 2013

Every December we have a gathering of the Richard (Dick) and Beth Clark family-- my mom's family.  Their children were Ross, Greg, Lane, and my mom, Alene.  Sadly, there is only Uncle Lane still living, and the family doesn't get together very often.  No bad feelings anywhere; just not very involved in each others' lives.
A couple months back my cousin Christy reminded me it was my turn to host and truthfully, I tried to get out of it.  Back in October I was already guarding my December schedule, knowing how busy it was going to be.  But after a couple of Facebook messages and a persuasive phone call, I was convinced it was a high enough priority for us to make time for it.    And I'm very glad we did.  It was lovely.
For posterity's sake:  from left to right, cousin Christy, cousin Kathryn, Daniel and Uncle Lane.
Aunt Diane (married to Uncle Lane), Heidi and cousin Andy.
Aunt Judy (married to Uncle Greg), cousin Jimmy and Jenni.
Suzie (holding Jimmy and Jenni's baby) and cousin Richie.
Brother-in-law Dev, Takara, Brigham, and my sister, Brigitta (having a baby on Friday!).
The little boy crowd was entertained with the Legos.  And Cannon the photo-bomber strikes again.
The girls played Clue upstairs.
Here was my favorite part.  My cousin Richie sings in The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  He has the most gorgeous, smooth high tenor voice.  I told him, "I do not host a member of MoTab in my home with out getting to hear him sing."  Fortunately for us, he was obliging.  He sang Away in a Manger and it was just beautiful.
In other exciting news, we finally figured out how to Skype.  I know-- where have we been?  The kids were so excited to Skype with cousins on Sunday afternoon.
Isn't technology amazing?
It makes me think of my favorite little poem:

The world is so full of a number of things
I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings.


Amy F. said...

The kids are going to want to Skype way more often! So fun!

mark lawrence said...
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