Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 and Christmas Kick-Off

Thanksgiving morning began with our own little Fox Trot around the neighborhood.  Abe, Bethany, Faith, and I were the only willing participants.  It was short and sweet.  There were no t-shirts, but no crowds either!
We spent the day with my family in Farmington.  We arrived early so the girls had time to fit in a game of Dominion.
There was even after dinner entertainment-- a Thanksgiving play.  The thing under the red scarf is a beheaded turkey.  She kind of stole the show.
Friday evening we LOVED having the sister missionaries over for dinner.  The church has recently added an new mission in the Salt Lake valley and as a result we have much more frequent interactions with the missionaries.  It is wonderful!
And just like that, the Christmas season is upon us.  Thursday night at the last minute Abe had an opportunity to work all day on Friday.  We had planned to put up the Christmas decorations, but we decided to postpone a day.  The children were quite disappointed Friday morning, but all was forgotten when we immersed ourselves in the Christmas joy on Saturday.
Cannon is going through a stage.  The "photo-bombing"stage.  We hope it passes.  But anytime the camera is out Cannon is darting into the shot.
For example, on the right side you can see Cannon making a mad dash for the camera, but not quite making it in time.
But the picture was of George and his nutcracker.  He loves him.  He napped with him.  He played with him all day.
  I paid $10 for this nutcracker years ago.  If I'd known how loved it would be over the years and how well it would hold-up, I would have paid a lot more.
The kids have found their own tradition of hiding an army guy in the Christmas tree at the end of the Christmas season.  Then when we get the tree out the next year it is a race to try to find the army guy hidden in the tree.  Faith won!
Notice Cannon attempting another photo-bomb.
And Faith won the honor of placing the star atop the tree.  I don't know how that honor is determined each year.  I prefer Abe manage the politics of the holidays.
Here is a serious shout-out to the men of this family.  Abe worked hard all day purchasing and dealing with outdoor Christmas lighting, putting up the Christmas tree (it's gotten more complicated as our tree has deteriorated over the years), and finishing raking the leaves in the backyard.
But here is the Christmas miracle--- Clark was RIGHT THERE by his side all day helping him!  He was so helpful and pleasant. 
Clark was insistent that he not celebrate Christmas in any form until after Thanksgiving.  But he assured us that as soon as Thanksgiving was over he would be the most festive of us all.  So far he's been true to his word.
Little Georgie was so cute building his "Christmas Town".  That's Santa's car on the far left.
Faith made this glitter mummy last week at her friend's house.  Three cheers for someone else doing messy art projects with my kids!  And although its glitter has made quite a mess here at my house as well, Faith insisted we hang it up.  As it turns out, the red and gold glitter look quite lovely in the living room with the Christmas decorations.  We call it the Christmas Mummy (sarcophagus).  Maybe it'll start a trend.

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