Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Most Wonderful Night of the Year

Our annual cocoa and doughnuts party is a highlight of the Christmas season for Abe and I and our whole family.  This gift to our friends and neighbors is really more of a gift to ourselves.  It is such fun to visit together around the fires.
We have had a VERY cold December, so we weren't sure how many would come and brave the cold temperatures.
The cold wasn't too bad as long as we stayed near the fire...
...and ate a lot of doughnuts and drank hot chocolate.
At first the young people were relatively calm.
Then things deteriorated into an all out snowball fight.
I guess it just got to be too much for them.
One friend was very resourceful in roasting marshmallows.
None of our children are in the picture, but I think it's so cute anyway.  We love that this activity is fun for all ages.
I am happy the kids have such great friends in the neighborhood, but I'm pretty happy that I do to.

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Amy F. said...

So we had our first neighbor hot cocoa party, indoors. We invited 44 people and...wait for it...four showed up! Ha! I guess I'm not as fun as Betsy Fox. :) The bonus was lots of donut eating for a few days.