Sunday, February 2, 2014

Coming Home

As much fun and relaxation as Abe and I had on our trip to Hawaii, I was more than a little anxious to get home.  I like home and I like my people.
The kids were very well cared for in our absence.  All of them spent the majority of the time at our dear friends and neighbors, the Johansens.  They also homeschool and many of our children do several of the same activities for which we already regularly carpool.  The Johansens offered and although I felt, and still feel, that it was way too much for them to watch so many extra kids for so many days, I am so grateful.  I really could go and enjoy our trip knowing what good hands they were in. 

The same goes for the time that some of the older kids spent with the Flynn and Thygerson families.  All of these friends went above and beyond.  I suppose the real miracle of it is that they are still our friends afterwards!
For me, the trip was about two days too long.  We flew home on a Sunday, but then had to drive home from Las Vegas on Monday.  I understand that George was sitting with Michelle Johansen at church, and while playing with her necklace-- of which I have an identical one--he said, "My other mommy has that necklace too!"  When I got relegated to "my other mommy" I knew it was time to go home.
Abe and I spent a morning at the flea market picking out souvenirs for all the kids.  Knowing how much Abe loves his Hawaiian shirts, you can imagine how happy this image made Abe.
I'm not sure what this picture is about.  Cannon showing off
Hang loose is better than poser-boy.
Just as I feared, the couple of weeks adjustment back to regular life was kind of ugly.  But even still it was so good to be back home and all together again.

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