Saturday, February 22, 2014

Elinor's 11th Birthday Party



Elinor chose to do a Minute to Win It party for her 11th birthday.  Of course Abe was our host and he sported a really disturbing fox tail recently re-gifted to him.  I just don't understand why anyone would want to part with it.
She was so excited for her guests to arrive, even if her mother's poor laundry planning caused her to have to wear ever so slightly damp jeans.  Oops.
The party guests were a mix of neighborhood friends, Lego robotics friends, and swim team friends.  It really is unfortunate how unsociable homeschoolers can be.  (Okay, that was snarky of me.  Sorry).
After our host, Bob Foxtail introduced and mini-interviewed all the contestants, the competition began.  They were divided into two teams, but they were really racing the one minute timer each round.  Elinor and Caleb faced off in "Hanky Panky".  They had to pull all the tissues out of the box using one hand in one minute.
McKinley and Enoch were both successful in reassembling a puzzle made from the front of a breakfast cereal box.
Madison and Bekah did "Junk in the Trunk".  They had to shake 6 ping-pong balls out of an empty tissue box strapped onto their backside.
Bethany and Clark were funny to watch in "Cookie Face" where they had to successfully get a cookie from their forehead into their mouth with no hands.
Sariah and Megan played "Suck It Up".  They had to transfer M&Ms from one plate to another using a straw.  
 Asia and Savannah had one of the hardest games catching ping-pong balls in tilting, wobbling, stacked cups.
After the first round of games we took a break for singing "Happy Birthday" and eating doughnuts.  Elinor opted for doughnuts rather than cake and icecream.
And what the birthday girl wants, the birthday girl gets!
Team Maddy (She was team captain).
Team Enoch was ultimately victorious.
But here was a moment of glory when Team Maddy was first in transferring marshmallows to another plate using chopsticks.
Cannon and Maddy trying to transfer cotton balls with a petroleum jelly nose. Cannon didn't win, but he gave it a very valiant effort.
Megan did a good job with "Chocolate Unicorn."
Elinor was successful at "Dice On a Stick."
"Elephant March" was funny to watch.
George had a go at it after the party left. 
Keeping two balloons aloft for a minute proved to be a harder than we anticipated.
Elinor's cousin Gentri arrived late, but Elinor was so happy to see her.  And can I just say, this photo bomb by Caleb is the best I've seen in a long time.
There is much less drama involved with older kids opening presents than with little kids.  I thought Elinor's friends were very gracious, as was she.
A couple friends had already left, but it was fun to get a picture of the group.  They were a very delightful, enjoyable group of young people.  Happy birthday, Elinor!  You are one of a kind and we love you so much!


Amy F. said...

Nothing like a birthday party to show off what cool parents you have. The GAMES! The TIE (nod to Fantastic Mr. Fox)! Happy Birthday Elinor! Annie is 11 today. :)

Abe Fox said...

Please forgive the very freaky picture of myself.....I was going for Freaky-Game-Show-Host.
Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE.....still 3 days older than Els!!!