Sunday, February 2, 2014

FIRST Lego League Next Generation

You may remember a few years back when Clark was very heavily involved with a FIRST Lego League team that won the Utah State Championship and ended up going to the World Festival in St. Louis.  Their team name was "Pi Pod".
We are now so happy and celebrating with Elinor and her FIRST Lego League team who won their Regional Championship and went on to compete and win one of the top awards at the Utah State Championship this year.  Their team name is "Team Tau".  It has a clever meaning because three team members are younger siblings of Pi Pod members.  "Tau" is a mathematical term that is Pi squared.  The back of their shirts say "Tau is greater than Pi".  Ha, ha-- a good bit of sibling rivalry.
But then the absolute sweetest moment of the entire championship day was when Team Tau was called up to receive their Project Award for Innovative Solution (for the idea most likely to actually make a difference and come to fruition). Those Pi Pod boys hopped right up to high five Team Tau as they went up on stage.  Here are those boys-- minus Clark who was at a Speech and Debate tournament.
It was a very long, but very enjoyable day spent up at the University of Utah.  Made even more fun because Faith was a part of a Jr. FLL team that showed their stuff that morning at the same location.
Their team name was Robot Masters Disaster Squad.  The overall theme for FLL this year was "Nature's Fury".  R.M.D.S. built a cool motorized avalanche.  They won an award for great team work.
Adrianne Thygerson, who coached Clark's team also coaches both Elinor and Faith's teams.  She is a remarkable, dedicated lady who I am so indebted to for offering these experiences to my children.

Front row is Robot Masters Disaster Squad and back row is Team Tau.  I like how Jake on the front right is wearing an old Pi Pod shirt.  The season is over for both of these teams but Clark's FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) team is right in the thick of a very intense six week build session.  His team- Prototype X-- meets for roughly 24 hours a week in the basement of the Leonardo Museum dowtown.  I send him off on TRAX around 4:30 and he gets home around 10:30pm.  He is very glad that swimteam season is now over so he will only be burning the candle at one end instead of both ends.
He will compete at the FRC Utah Regionals mid-march and possibly a Las Vegas Regional in April.  Fun times! 
One more fun thing on this very award-winning Saturday (Because it's not obnoxious enough already).  Clark and Bethany were both at a Speech and Debate tournament at the LDS Business College all day.  Bethany participated in an event known as "Sparring".  There is no preparations and you argue either affirmative or negative over rather light-hearted issues.  Out of about 20 participants she won 3rd place.  Clark did Student Congress and won 2nd place.  They were thrilled and we were quite proud of them.

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