Monday, February 17, 2014

Sorry, George

I do not know the story of this picture.  It was taken in the little kids' room, but I don't know who took the picture or what caused this look of alarm.  But based on the following recent pictures of George and his daily activities, I'm sure you'll agree that this look is well justified.
George played with Elinor and friends the other day as they played in the dress-ups and old Halloween costumes.  They created "Yoda-ninja-jazz baby".
He was feeling like hot-stuff!
Is he Anakin Skywalker?

But it gets worse.  Much worse.

Are you familiar with Studio C?  It's a super clean comedy sketch show that we love and the children quote constantly.   One of the popular sketches is "Shoulder Angel" and today Faith turned George into her personal Shoulder Angel.  I would like to point out that Clark was out of the house when this occurred.  He would never have let this happen in his presence.
And I suppose just to keep things in balance, we had to have a Shoulder Devil as well.

Note:  This was all happening during school hours.  Hmm.

I wish I could say that was as bad as it got this week.  But it's not.
George, I'm so sorry.  I don't know why I let your sisters do this to you.  At least when you're in therapy as an adult you'll be able to pinpoint where life went wrong.
In the spirit of Valentine's Day, the girls wanted to turn George into Cupid.  And while they were ultimately successful, I feel it was very wrong and I should have stopped it.
I think I'll just leave it at that.  Before the authorities are notified.  

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Chante' said...

George's pictures totally made my day! So funny!