Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tree-Huggin' Mama

This past week was the first in the last 7 that I've felt better.  There were a couple of days this week that I didn't take a "happy nappy" on the couch.  I walked each morning, and  I even managed to complete a couple of trips to the store.  To those who deal with chronic health problems, my hat is off to you.  It's physically and mentally exhausting not to feel well.  It's hard to feel happy, hopeful, and grateful when you don't feel up to doing anything.  I am now into the second trimester and as I am  feeling better I am more easily recognizing the good things I am surrounded with.   
The girls spent many hours this week in the tree.  They played a game, of which I do not understand the rules, called Monster Island.  Whether the danger is real or imagined does not matter.  It has entertained them and they have played together in peace and harmony.
That they got our tons and blankets and pillows from the linen closet, causing extra laundry for me to do, does not matter.  They got their school work done quicker so they could go out and play.
They pooled their Valentine's candy, added a few marshmallows for good measure and stored it in the tree for when they needed sustenance.
The bows and Nerf gun bullets were for defense.
I'm not really a tree-hugger sort of gal, but for this tree in my front yard, I will make an exception.

This is little bit off topic, but I must share it before I forget.  I am doing my darndest to cultivate a love of all things Jane Austen in my children.  I recently got the movie Austenland and have been watching it while I make dinner or whenever I get a chance.  Well, the kids are here, so they are watching it as well.  It concerns me that my little boys are quoting Austenland like it is the coolest movie around.  Dude, it is really funny, but don't say it around your friends!
But the other day while I was working in the kitchen I put on the A&E Pride and Prejudice.  I want my girls to love it and share it with me.  I cannot even begin to express my joy when I heard Elinor say to Bethany, in reference to the sister relationship between Jane and Elizabeth Bennett, "I kind of think of you as Jane and me like Elizabeth."
Oh, joy of joys!
"Train up a child in the way (s)he should go and when she is old she will not depart from it". Amen.

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Amy F. said...

I love Elinor's "Austen" comment to Bethany!! They are such great sisters!!