Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Done Right

The great thing about the Regency Ball falling on Valentine's weekend is that neither of us have to think of anything new to do.  The only thing Abe has to decide is do we go Friday night or Saturday night.  And the only thing I have to decide is what am I going to wear this year?
This was our fourth year in a row and I absolutely LOVED my gown Barbara made me that I wore last year. 
But because I've grown (see the following post), I couldn't wear it this year.
And I didn't want to return to the white nightgown of the first two years.  So I called Andrea and said, "How do you feel about helping me sew a gown".  Now, knowing what she knows about my skill (or lack there of) and the amount of work it takes to make even a relatively simple pattern, I don't know why she agreed to help me.  But she did and it was very hard for me.  I'm sure it was hard for her to be that patient with me, but she really let me do the cutting and sewing.  If you are a skilled seamstress, please don't look to closely.  There are problems and I think I looked like a giant moonbeam, but it was comfortable and I had a marvelous time nonetheless.
We were in great company.  I know these are "costumes", but seriously,  don't you think people would behave better if they dressed like this more often?
The only downside to the evening was I was pretty tired (see following post) and not up for much energetic dancing.
They do serve dinner later in the evening as part of the ball, but we went out to dinner before hand.  It was fun to walk around City Creek downtown in our Regency attire.
I love this picture of Andrea dancing. 
I think I'll go watch Austenland.

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Schramm Family said...

What a cute little moonbeam! Your dress looks great. Im impressed you did it! First halloween costumes and now this.... you are even more amazing than I first thought!