Saturday, March 22, 2014

Faith is Eight

Last weekend was fun.  I mean serious, one-for-the-books, forget-any-problems-you've got, FUN.  Between Bethany's birthday party and Clark's robotics competition we played really hard.
And then Monday morning came and it was U-G-L-Y.  I do not wish to go into details.  Suffice it to say the children believed one fun weekend meant the end of work and school work forever, and I had some new and vile pregnancy hormones coursing through my veins making me completely emotionally unstable.  NOT A GOOD WEEK.  I actually frightened Abraham.  Not pretty, but the truth.
 I'm sorry, I just felt I needed to get that out there.  Now, before the week-which-shall-not-be-mentioned-again happened, there were some happy events I want to remember.  Here was a favorite moment when George's new Sunbeams teachers paid him a visit.  
He had missed Primary to go to a cousin's baby blessing so they came to share the lesson with him.  I'm afraid in this picture he is trying to teach her a thing or two.  But he was tickled to have them come visit him.
Bethany had an orchestra concert.  It was Concerto Night and Bethany was part of a small group that was accompanied by the rest of the orchestra.  I do so love to hear her play.
And here is something really fun.  It's Faith's birthday!  We never went and saw Frozen in the theaters and we were planning a trip to the dollar theater to see it for her birthday.  But sadly, it never came to the dollar theater.  Our birthday plans were thwarted.  Thankfully, the movie came to DVD just in time and our good friends have a theater in their basement, so we got to watch it in a theater after all. 
Last night was finally the night.  Now they can no longer say they are the "only ones who haven't seen Frozen".
And today Faith opened her birthday presents-- Because she's now 8 she got her very own set of scriptures with her name on them.  When she opened them Clark was very disturbed to see she got scriptures.  He said, "Wait, why is Faith getting her own scriptures?"
We reminded him that she was now eight and everybody in the family has gotten scriptures when they turn eight.
"Yeah, but I was a lot older than her when I turned eight!  That is just wrong.  She looks like she's six!"

And it's kind of true.  She does still seem very young and still has her front baby teeth.  But the calendar confirms that she has, in fact, reached the age of accountability and is eight years old.
This was an adorable moment when she got a new bike for the first time in her life.  The life of a youngest sister in a line-up of three sisters consists of a lot of hand-me-downs.  I don't mind it, and Faith doesn't seem to either, but it does make it extra special when you get something brand new all to yourself.
She took right to her new wheels and was zipping all around.
Happy 8th birthday, Faith!  We're so excited for your baptism in a few weeks.  We love you!
As part of Bethany's birthday last week, her Beehives class came and decorated our door with birthday hearts.  She loved it.


Amy F. said...

Happy Birthday little Faith! Annie knows how you feel. She was a little 8 year old as well. We are so looking forward to being there for the baptism!!

JanEllenSanders said...

Happy 8th Birthday! What a tender moment as I know how important this little girl has been in your family!