Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Glamorous Life

This is the next chapter in my very glamorous, jet-setting life.  Lest you think I am being sarcastic or facetious, let me assure I am completely in earnest.  The past year my life has been very glamorous and I have traveled far and wide on jets.
Here's how it went down.  A couple of weeks back on a Sunday night at 8:30 I told Bethany and Elinor to back a bag with a change of clothes and a pair of pajamas.  Make sure you've got a pair of capris and short sleeve shirts.  We're headed out Monday morning and we'll be back Tuesday night.  Don't ask me any questions because I won't answer them.  See you in the morning!
They were sure we were going for a girls weekend in St. George.  And although we've never traveled anywhere by bus, they determined dad was dropping us off at the bus station to get there.
Monday morning came and Abe did indeed drop us off, not at the bus station, but at Walmart, to meet up with our traveling partners.  Jennilyn hadn't arrived for this picture yet. 
Second from the right in the pink shirt is Andrea, and you may have guessed that she is the force behind this trip and much of my glamorous and jet-setting life.
Oh, there is excitement, but no clear destination yet.  They are anxious to learn where we are headed.
I tell Bethany she will recognize something very soon.  She'd been here before.  She is thinking.  Elinor is searching for clues.
Oh!... I know this place!!!!  Could it be?  Are we going on a private jet?
Raven has the honors of making the announcement... We're going to Disneyland!
Oh, joy of joys! 
Bethany is, in fact, holding a lighter.  She was not threatening to set the car on fire if we didn't tell her sooner.  She was working on a craft project.
Blurry picture-- sorry.  If you've never had the immense pleasure of flying a private jet (which is most people) I might advise you never to do so.  Oh, sure, it's luxurious and comfortable and stress free... and it will also ruin you for commercial travel for the rest of your life!
Thanks a lot, Andrea! 
Here is the whole group from left to right:  me, Gracie, Bethany, Raven, Elinor, Andrea, Jennilyn, Adrianne, and Christine.  Christine and Gracie now live in So. California, so they just drove up to meet us at the California Grand Hotel and then off to California Adventure for our first day.
The little ladies.
The more mature ladies.
The girls were good friends throughout the trip, with a delightful lack of drama that can be so disruptive at this age.
We dined with several princesses at Ariel's Grotto for lunch.  With each picture the girls got their princess groove on a little bit more.
After a refreshing swim and showers, a little room service was just right for a relaxing evening in the hotel.  Although Bethany did get a very unfortunate goose egg on her forehead at the pool.  She has since recovered nicely.
Day 2 was the Magic Kindom.  I still prefer it to California Adventure.
I know the "Jungle Cruise" is kind of corny, but it is one of my favorites.
Heading off on "Pirates of the Carribean" just before the worker lady shouted, "NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY!"
So sorry.
Our final dinner was fancy and delicious and then it was time to head home. 
The plane rides were so much fun they really put all the other rides to shame.  Although due to my condition is didn't ride the really exciting ones.  Except, I did ride "Cars" and "Indiana Jones" and those were great fun.

So to wrap up, Bethany, Elinor and I were totally and completely spoiled for days with great friends, yummy food, luxury and fun. Thank you, Andrea.  I know it is totally unfair.  I don't think we deserve such treatment.  We are so thankful for such an opportunity to step outside of regular life for a dream trip.   Now we will strive to content ourselves with life as we know it:)  


Amy F. said...

So fun! I love that the girls use their fox purses! We are excited to do a couple of days in Disneyland next month. Glad you had such a nice time.

Raymond Curry said...
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Raymond Curry said...

Private jets do rock. I mean, it's such a different internal set-up in there, and a different mood and tone, which is much more intimate, yet in some ways more grand, with an entire aircraft being all to your loved ones and yourself. People should really go that route for their aerial travel and maybe even invest in having their own jets, for the whole nine yards, so to speak. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Raymond Curry @ Holstein Aviation