Sunday, March 16, 2014

Trashy Project Runway

Bethany turned 13 this weekend and Friday night had a gaggle of girlfriends over for a "Trashy Project Runway" party.  After months of trying to decide what to do for her bi-annual birthday party with friends, we finally came upon a design party using duct tape, newspapers, garbage bags, aluminum foil, etc. 
They were a charming, fun, creative, lovely group of young ladies.  Once everyone arrived they headed inside for their first challenge.
You can't see them very well, because they are slightly embarrassed to each be holding an unclad Barbie doll recently purchased from the D.I.    Their challenge was to design a look for it.
It was fun to see who were the detailed planners and who were the free-spirited designers.
This was a very focused, creative table of young ladies.
This table was a little more chatty.
I wish I'd taken close up pictures of their designs because they were really quite ingenious and adorable.
George was so pleased and charmed by the ladies.
For the next challenge the girls were randomly assigned to five teams of three girls.  They were to have two girls be the designers and create a look for their model-- the third girl.  Once again, their materials were a table full of duct tape, newspapers, garbage bags and such.
They got right to work.
 The dress was entitled, "The Peacock".  Impressively, it had a removable train.
Emma, Bethany, and Rylee were a great team.
This group had a lot of fun.
They really got into the spirit of the challenge.
Their look was  "Indian, Football Player, Hippie".   Asia, Millie, and Maddie.

This was the quietest and most top secret group.  We didn't  have any inkling of their design until it was completed.
We thought it was a flapper look, but they said it just happened.  This group was Mikayla, Erin, and Haylie (not pictured).
It took this group a little while to decide what direction to go.
They called their look, "The Jetsons".  I especially like the fashionable footwear.
Raven, Elinor, and Robyn.
All of the groups did a fabulous job, but this team went above and beyond any expectations I had for the evening.
They were seriously focused on their work.
Down to the matching strappy sandals and hair bow, this outfit had it all.  
We should have taken more pictures from more angles.  It was Corrine, Faith, and Emily.
What talented young ladies.
It was great fun to watch them in action.
Happy 13th birthday, Bethany!  You are kind, thoughtful, nurturing, creative, and great fun.  We love you!!

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Amy F. said...

Happy 13th Bethany!!! You and Julia are teenagers. Woo Hoo!!