Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 10 -- Only Because I've Made it This Far

Only because I've made it so far blogging every day of the trip, I shall post again this evening.  I am writing from a cozy little hotel room in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Glamorous, eh?  It's no Ritz-Carlton, but it will do.  Abe did a good job of finding us a very reasonably priced room with enough sleeping space for 8 people and nobody on the floor.  Not an easy feat.
We didn't have a very long driving day today, but tomorrow will be a little uglier.  We've got two long, boring states left to get through-- Nebraska and Wyoming.  Blah. 
That complaint aside, we do enjoy long car trips as a family, so it's not too bad. 
We had a rather leisurely morning leaving our hotel in St. Louis.  The Flynns and we found a 10:00am branch to attend Sacrament meeting.  The building was a converted old mortuary and the members were so friendly and welcoming to us.  We quite enjoyed it and after several days of unfamiliar activities, it felt so good to be at church-- which is always familiar no matter where you go.
This picture is Abe with his daughters, plus Raven.  We enjoyed having Raven with our family for much of the trip, so she was pretty much like one of the daughters this week.  Clark led a picture-taking-revolt, which is why we're not all in the picture.
We hit a couple of seriously heavy rainstorms on our drive today.  We just don't get that kind of rain in Utah.
Because it was right on the way, we decided to stop at the LDS Visitors' Center in Independence, MO-- even though we'd already driven by it on an earlier leg of the trip.  They have a nice church history exhibit and tour. 
Our very favorite part was the adorable horse and covered wagon in a small children's play area.  Oh, I want one so bad! 
Hopefully we won't encounter such rough roads tomorrow as we head home!  Oh, I love my home and am excited to be back!

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Amy F. said...

What a trip! It looks fun and exhausting!