Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 5-- Nauvoo Day

We had a beautiful clear day to enjoy the sites of Nauvoo today.  Everyone held up fairly well for another day of church history.  George was a bit of a handful at times and my pregnant body is feeling pretty worn out at the moment, but it was lovely.  Please take note that Clark is in the photo.
Earlier in the day we attempted a family picture at the temple, but Clark was not very happy with a decision Abe and I made and he opted not to be in the family photo. We ended up stopping there one more time on our way to dinner and we were glad he joined us this time.  I couldn't be too upset with him earlier because it reminded me of the time I was about 13 years old, traveling across the country with my family and we stopped in Kirtland, Ohio, to see the temple.  I was mad about something and I refused to get out of the car and go in.  In all my travels, I've never had the chance to go back to Kirtland and never gotten to go inside because I was being a serious stinker. 
Abe and his dad outside Heber C. Kimball's home-- a fellow missionary to the British Isles.
We all enjoyed the wagon ride through Old Nauvoo.
Raven's family headed to St. Louis earlier in the day, but she's hanging with the Fox Family until we meet up in St. Louis tomorrow.

Here are the throwback pictures of the day:
Clark preaching the good word in the upstairs of the Red Brick Store.  Now...
And then.  Yikes.  That's a pretty big change in 3 years!

Here's another one.
PiPod friends by the statue of Joseph and Hyrum.
PrototypeX friends (minus one) in the same spot three years later.
In the school house, now...
And then.  Oh my, I think I'm going to cry.  Enough throwback pictures.
Here are George and Cannon by the George Q. Cannon reader-board on the Trail of Hope down to the Mississippi.
Nearby the George Q. Cannon quote was one by Brigham Young.  We stopped there to see what words of wisdom our Great Grandfather had to share.  We expected something in the vein of faith in affliction and hope for the future.  Not so much.
I translate this to, "Quite complaining or it's going to kill me!"
The family working together to make rope in the Family Living Center.
Joy of joys!-- throwing rocks and debris into the great Mississippi River.
Okay, well I guess the crying fits today weren't that bad when I see his little face.
One of our sweetest experiences each time we've come to Nauvoo is to visit the Old Nauvoo Burial Grounds.  There is a very calm, tender spirit there.
The family at the grave markers for Joseph, Emma, and Hyrum Smith.
Abe's sister Samatha has two little boys named Hyrum and Joseph.  We can't quite pull this picture off as well as they could, but Cannon and George are two really great brothers as well.
Grandpa treated us to a very tasty and filling buffet for dinner this evening.  
The kids are currently swimming off any leftover energy and then hopefully we'll all sleep well tonight in preparation for St. Louis tomorrow!

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