Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 8--Farewell to Grandpa Fox

This was the gang that went up in the St. Louis Arch this morning.  It was a beautiful, clear, calm day.  Three years ago it was a windy day and it was kind of freaky to have that huge arch swaying ever so slightly.  No swaying this year.
To get to the top you ride an elevator/tram system in little pods that hold about 5 people each.  The girls rode in one...
...and the boys, plus Faith rode in one.
Couples selfie at 630 feet above the Mississippi.
Throwback picture of the day.  Now...
...and then.
We've missed Clark on pretty much all our outings here in St. Louis.  He has commitments with his team and working on the robot, so we're not seeing him much.
Elinor at the Arch.
One of the really fun things to do in between match times is roam the pits.  We especially enjoy the FIRST Lego League pits (this is the age group that Clark was when we came last time).  FLL is a much more international group of teams with better swag to give out.  The kids have bags full of buttons, pins, pens, stickers, necklaces, paper, chapstick, flashlights, etc.  It's better than trick-or-treating!
 After their last match this afternoon, which unfortunately, went extremely badly due to a messed up high gear caused by a loose screw, we went with Grandpa for one last meal together (minus Clark).  Then we dropped him off at the airport to get home to Grandma.  We enjoyed having him with us so much.  He was helpful and patient with his grandchildren, was asking all sorts of questions and following the robot games, was interested in getting to know our good friends and fellow team families, was easy and flexible with schedules and plans and sleeping arrangements.  He was supportive and complimentary of Abe and I and made us feel very loved.  We're so glad he joined us on this trip and gratefully sent him back home to Spokane, WA.
A very enjoyable end to the day was meeting with much of the team and families once we were all congregated back at the hotel.  The Thygersons had brought back Ted Drewes Frozen Custard for the whole group.  There was quite a party happening in the lobby-- live band and dancing and snazzy folks out on the town.  Yes, we were there too with our bajillion children in bare feet and pajamas, fresh from the pool.  It was funny to me.
But what I like best about the picture is Clark on the left with Cannon and George on his lap.  Like I said, Clark has been missing from our family for the past 3 days.  The little boys miss him and were happy to see him again.
We soon moved ourselves to the darkened ballroom down the hall.  They might not have wanted us there either, but I think it was preferable to the main lobby with all the people.
What I like best about this picture is the age range of those in it: 5-16.  They were all sitting together laughing, talking, enjoying one another's company.  That was a happy moment I'd like to remember.

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