Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day Two-- Playmates in Wichita

Abe and his older brother Russell.  Just a slight family resemblance--don't you think.
It is fun to go visit friends or family when everybody (or almost everybody) has a playmate.
Melissa and I killed two birds with one stone by taking our morning walk to Walgreens to grab a couple items I forgot from home.
Grandpa Fox and Clark went on an adventure to the Flint Hills-- a landmark Grandpa had been reading about in his books.  It was good for Clark and a treat to get to spend some one-on-one time with Grandpa.
 It appears they grow some pretty tall grass on the Kansas prairie.

The big activity of the day was Kristen's baptism.  It was especially fun for Faith since she was baptized just the week before.
Earlier in the day we went to a great park.  Kristen likes to wear hats and she let Faith wear one as well.
After the baptism we all went to a great burger joint-- yummy!  Faith and Kristen had a little dance party to work off the huge burgers and hotdogs!

Elinor (age 11) and Alison (age 10).
Pretty girls.
Even though as they were getting ready for the baptism they both agreed that although they don't really like getting pretty, they can when they want to.

Bethany and Caitlyn.  Three years ago when we visited they locked themselves downstairs and wrote pages and pages of poetry.  This time they've discussed good books and the virtues or lack thereof of the various Disney princesses.

 George had a grand time at the park.
And he and Cannon had a grand time playing on the clubhouse in the backyard.
Lookin' good in Wichita!
Here's a funny new face Georgie is making these days.
We liked riding around town in the mega-van.
The Fox gang at the baptism.
I'm telling you, they were super-tasty burgers.
This morning Abe and Russell took the kids to a farmer's market and stopped at a gas station where they attempted to clean 1000 miles worth of bugs off the front of the van.
 Loving Wichita with cousins!
Me and my favorite playmate.

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