Sunday, April 13, 2014

Faith's Baptism Day

It finally happened. Faith was old enough to get baptized.
It was a beautiful day filled with the very best things there are to enjoy here on earth: The Gospel of Jesus Christ, family, and friends.
In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints we believe that eight is the age of accountability.  Until that time children are alive in Christ and have no need of baptism.  To be be baptized is to make a covenant with the Lord that you will keep His commandments and always remember Him.  God promises to forgive us when we do wrong and that we will have His spirit to be with us.  
I believe this with all my heart.  I have a testimony of the gospel.  I am grateful that because of Christ's atonement we will all be resurrected and can live forever with Heavenly Father and our families.  
I was overcome with emotion and moved to tears many times throughout the day.  When Faith has a momentous event, such as this, I cannot help but think of our baby daughter Tessa.  Had Tessa lived, I do not believe we would have Faith in our family.  Now we will have Faith and Tessa in the eternities.  I still cry somewhat easily when thinking about or talking about Tessa, not because I still feel the sadness, but because I miss her.  I miss one of my children.  That being said, Faith is a reminder to me of God's goodness and kindness and mercy.  I firmly believe Heavenly Father gives me a gift to be able to feel all the happiness and emotion for two daughters when we celebrate an event for Faith.  God can turn any trial into a blessing and that is what He has done for our family when He sent us Faith.
What a treat to get to have both grandpas there for the big day.  Grandma Fox's health didn't permit her to travel and Grandma Cannon was in Texas for another family baptism.  We missed them and love them too.
The Fox men were well represented at the baptism and luncheon following.  From left to right: Phil, Jesse, Dad Fox, Daniel, and Abe.
We had a nice lunch of sandwiches and salads set up at our church building.
It was wonderful to have friends from the ward and neighborhood come to celebrate the day with us.  Here are Johansens and Endemanos.
Butterfields and Snows.
Cousins and friends
Philip and Katie's family up from Orem.
 Jesse and Amy's family was here from Spokane, Washington.  They were on a family trip and it was timed perfectly for them to come to the baptism. 
Between the two grandpas, I think there was a lot of political talk at this table.
Time well spent visiting with sisters and sisters-in-law.
Alexis, her mom Amy, and I.  They had to drive home Saturday afternoon, but it was lovely to see them if only for a very short visit.
Aunt Allison gave Faith a baptism necklace.  
We're so grateful for everyone who came to make it such a special day for Faith.  These are the best things in life.
Abe worked very hard on this slideshow of Faith's life.  It's about 12 minutes, which might seem excessive, until you consider that it started out at 40 minutes with over 700 pictures.  Be glad it's only 12!


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Amy F. said...

I have looked at this post several times, but I keep doing it at night. I need to watch the video with my family during the day! You put on a lovely luncheon and Faith is such a darling 8 year old!!