Sunday, April 6, 2014

Geek Out

A recent picture of the two year anniversary of Clark's D&D group.

I have accepted a very high degree of "geek" among my husband and children.  Although I did not grow up in a particularly geeky family, Abraham did.  I didn't really understand the depths of it before we married.  He and his brothers played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons-- always playing good guy characters-- but D&D nonetheless.  Abe was a hard core Star Trek fan and science fiction and fantasy aficionado.   If you aren't raised "geek", I don't believe it ever becomes your native culture.  You can accept it, enjoy it, embrace it, but are you ever really a part of it? 
I suppose my children are being raised "geek".  As Clark says, "geek is the new cool"-- D&D, Dr. Who, robotics competitions, Sherlock.  And now we can add foam-sword and weapon construction and battles to the geek list.
Clark goes online to get instructions for making weapons.  He uses PVC pipe, camping foam, rubber cement.  Then Bethany gets out her sewing machine and sews the black fabric covers.  Such sibling cooperation!
Then they battle.  From the biggest to the smallest.
Clark has some friends over in Sandy who get together to play, but I had some reservations about him joining that group regularly.  I encouraged him to get a group together on our side of the valley that didn't involve my driving anywhere.  Their group is steadily growing as more guys come and see how much fun they have.
And just when I think it can't get much geekier, they come up with a variation on the game-- "Zombie Apocalypse", where the zombies (see above picture) are gimped and don't not have full use of their all their limbs.
They will spend hours playing this game and although I realize I will forever be somewhat of an outsider to their geeky ways, I admit I love it.  I love that they are all playing together, they are exercising in the fresh air, and they are socializing with friends.  Well, if you consider beating the tar out of your friends and family good socializing.

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