Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Excuses Are Like Armpits

We've been home from our trip one day short of a month.  And I have not blogged anything.  Nothing.  Sadness for me.  Do you want to hear my excuses?  Probably not, since as a band teacher once told me, "Excuses are like armpits, we all have them and they all stink."  But here they are anyway.

Betsy's excuses for not blogging:

1. Our camera is lost.  This camera is well over six years old and we love it.  Sometimes it takes really great pictures and sometimes they are blurry.  We're thorough photographers, but not great ones.  We've purchased other cameras, only to return them because we like our old one better.  And now this dear little point and shoot camera is gone. And without pictures to blog with, it hasn't seemed very appealing.  Although, note that there aren't very many pictures in this post.  I told you these were my excuses.

2.  Our main laptop computer I use for blogging has been infected with some horrible virus thingy-- this terminology alone ought to tell you I was going to be of no use fixing it-- that caused a constant barrage of pop-up ads and slowed the process to such a painful degree that it just wasn't worth the hassle.  Abe finally came to my rescue and spent some time this weekend curing the laptop.

3.  I am now about 28 weeks pregnant with this baby boy.  Most days I feel pretty okay.  Occasionally, I think I'm getting way too old for this. Occasionally, I feel like a young spring chicken.  Mostly I feel somewhere in between.  But by the end of the day, I am almost always exhausted and collapse into bed, not to be disturbed until the middle of the night for a potty break and snuggling with George who has made his way into our bed.  I haven't had a lot of energy for staying up to sit in my red chair and blog.

4.  OPERATION: FINISH THE SCHOOL YEAR.  This is our last official week of school and since we took a long break for our trip to St. Louis, we've been working very hard the last month to get all our coursework finished.  We've been mostly successful.  Clark will have a some Spanish, Ancient History, and grammar to finish up, but we've done it!  This has been a very good school year for us and I feel like we've found somethings that really work well for our family.  And it's a good thing, too.  I'll spend the first part of the summer getting everything planned and situated for next year so that when the baby is born (Aug. 18th due date) we can take a few weeks to settle in and then we'll be off and running.  But I don't anticipate I'll have much, if any, clear thinking to be working out a lot of kinks after the baby is born.

5.  Back in December I was called to be the Relief Society president in our ward.  I wrote about this before, but you can imagine my shock (horror) at receiving this calling only one week after learning I was expecting.  It was a rough few months as I was sick and adjusting to new responsibilities.  Six months in and I think it's going to be okay.  I have marvelous counselors and other sisters I work with.  It does take time, emotional and physical energy-- all of which I seem to run a little low on during pregnancy.

6.  My ceiling fell down.  When we returned from our trip we discovered we'd had a leaking toilet while we were gone and it brought the ceiling in our playroom down as it was saturated with water.  The disaster cleanup folks were timely about fixing things back up, and insurance was cooperative in taking care of it.  Sadly, however, I did not get new carpet out of it.  I can't really complain, other than it was irritating to me to have strange men coming in and out of my house for two weeks.  Oh, and at the same time we were having trouble with not only the one, but both of our toilets, so that was exciting, but not in a good way.  It was such a luxury when we finally had two working toilets in the house again.

Even though I think these are all fairly valid excuses, as far as excuses go, for not blogging, the fact is, there is a whole month of my family's life that I have no record of.  I will try to be better about posting more regularly-- mostly for my sake.  I enjoy writing it and I've missed it.

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Amy F. said...

I won't worry about you not blogging until you're at least 7 months behind like me. :) I don't even have as good of excuses!