Monday, June 30, 2014

Confessions of a Big Pregnant Lady

We drove to Spokane today, but I cannot share photos of the day until I tell the truth of how I'm feeling.  We come to Spokane for a wild and crazy family reunion every summer.  It is a real highlight of the summer for Abe and I and especially for the kids who relish the time with their masses of cousins.  But here is the confession:  I have a bad attitude about this trip.  I don't feel well.  There I said it.  I am uncomfortable, tired, grouchy, and lazy.  I don't want to do anything.  In fact, my whole goal this summer (besides giving birth) is to teach my children to do laundry, to cook, to clean, and to help take care of the little kids, so I don't have to do ANYTHING. 
The thing is, everyone kept saying how pregnancy gets harder as you get older.  To be honest, this offended me.  I'm not that old!  Quit saying that!
But as it turns out, it is true. 
I am getting old.  I'm not a spring chicken.  I'm getting too old for this. And to be in this state, in the summer no less, and to be packing for a trip, and driving 11 hours each way, and sleeping in a strange bed, and keeping track of children as they eat junk food and beg for cousin sleepovers for a week.
I'm just no fun right now. 
But we made it here today.  It is lovely and it will probably be good for me to talk with family and enjoy my sister-in-laws.  I'll probably come home mentally healthier and happier, but I've been a bit of a stinker about getting here.  Apologies to my kind husband and children for my behavior the last couple of days.  Apologies to my extended family for any bad behavior I may exhibit over the course of the next week. 
Elinor is so happy to be old enough and tall enough to drive the golf cart around.
George and Bethany playing in the playground area.
Abe and Faith on a four wheeler ride.
Clark took himself on a hike-about to let off steam from the day.   He says he nearly caught a snake.  I'm sure he won't leave Spokane empty handed.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

32 Weeks and Counting

Thoughts I simply must share at 32 weeks pregnant:

I Had a Vision
Last night I dreamed of maxi dresses.  In my dream they were so stylish, everyone was wearing them and they were so light and airy.  They would be perfect for my expanding tummy.  So in my dream I went shopping.  I woke up so happy, until I realized I did not have a maxi dress and I'm so pathetically unfashionable, I didn't even know where to go to get my visionary dress.  Then I remembered a lovely gal at church who was wearing one on Sunday.  I asked her to advise me and this evening I am the proud owner of two light, airy, comfortable maxi dresses.  I think I had a vision.

The Weather Is My Friend
It has been unseasonably cool for several days.  It's been snowing in the mountains in the middle of June.  We've had rain and the house has stayed cool.  I could not be happier!  I'm not sure I've been so easily overheated during other pregnancies--this is not my first summer baby, but I'm having a hard time regulating my body temperature.  I am one hot mama this time around!

I Hate My Doctor
I went to a new Dr. with this baby.  My Dr. for Tessa, Faith, Cannon, and George retired-- sadness.  Besides, our insurance changed so I had to make a change anyway.  My dear sister recommended Dr. Nichols at Jordan Valley.  I love my sister.  I think she is wonderful and has very good judgment in many things.  But we do not share taste in Dr.'s.  For the first 6 months he harassed me about my weight gain.  I tried to explain that this was very typical for me and my EIGHT pregnancies.  I tried to assure him that it would level off in the third trimester.  I tried to tell him it comes off fairly easily after delivery.  I tried to explain that I don't have high blood pressure or gestational diabetes.  It didn't seem to make any difference.  Then at my appointment this week I had a trace of sugar in my urine (once again-- typical at the end of the pregnancy for me).  He asked what I'd had for breakfast-- Frosted Mini Wheats.  Not the greatest choice, but I can think of worse!  He chewed me out for eating such unhealthy junk. 
I had considered finding a new Dr., but it seemed like too much hassle.  I figured, I don't really need a Dr. for much besides the actual delivery.  I'd just make do.  But after my last appointment, I'd had enough.  I've made an appointment with a new Dr.-- Dr. Smith in Draper, and I'll deliver at Lone Peak Hospital.  Truth be told, I don't know that I'll love him either, but his bedside manner can't be worse than Dr. Nichols.

Making Space
We moved Cannon and George to another room in our house and fixed them up with their own set of bunk beds.  They are thrilled and it's been a smooth transition-- even if we are bribing George to stay in his own bed at night rather than joining Abe and I. 

Summer Reading
I like to think I'm being wise and taking care of myself by resting on the couch for a bit each afternoon.  If I have evening plans I especially need to rest my body for a bit.  It's been nice to have some time to sit and read.  I've declared it a summer of reading for our family.  We will be taking lots of trips to the library for material-- sometimes I'll take them, sometimes I just send them on their bikes. 

John Adams
Abe and I have been watching a mini-series on John Adams.  We're watching the last one this evening and I highly recommend it.  There are a couple of somewhat graphic scenes, so I don't recommend it for little ones.

Piano Recital
Last Tuesday night was our Spring piano recital.  It went very well, but it's always nice to have that over with.  It's a lot of work!  There are three kids missing from this picture who had to leave early.

That's about it for this evening.  I'm off to bed.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Family Pictures Spring 2014

A big thanks to Allison Sherman for taking our latest family pictures .  We had planned an outdoor photo shoot at the beginning of April, but there was a wet snowstorm the evening we had planned.  Perhaps we should have postponed until we had nicer weather, but it is such an ordeal to schedule pictures and to get all the clothes clean and ready, that we decided to force the issue and switch to an indoor location.  These were taken at the Utah State Capitol.
We are expecting a baby boy in a couple of months, so it might not seem to make much sense to do family pictures before his arrival.  However, it has been about a year and a half since we last took pictures of the kids and since they don't do school pictures, I do have to keep up on these things. One of my most treasured family pictures was taken when I was expecting Tessa, so I'm not terribly opposed to pictures when I'm pregnant. 
Clark-- almost 15 years old and 6 ft tall.  
Bethany-- age 13.  All of Bethany's individual pictures led us to a discussion about smiling naturally in pictures.  She's a beautiful girl, but not terribly happy with these pictures.
Elinor-- age 11
Faith-- age 8
Cannon-- age 6.  Perhaps we should have chosen one where he was making a peace sign. 
George-- almost age 4.  I'm glad this picture was taken before he gave himself a haircut this week.
Almost 17 years of marriage and almost 8 children later.  Not too shabby, if I do say so myself
I do like this picture.  This is how I like to envision my children.  Aren't they darling?  Just when I think we're doing all right...
...I am reminded of the reality of my life.  My, how quickly things deteriorate!  Poor George looks frightened.  I don't blame him.  I am frightened myself.  I love them, but they are frightening sometimes.

Thank you, Allison for working your magic once again.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fathers and Sons' Camp Out 2014

Abe and the three boys spent the day on Friday at the Fathers and Sons' camp out up Spanish Fork Canyon.  Our ward has gone to this same location for several years and Clark LOVES it because it is very near to Red Ledges-- a great reptile hunting ground.  Oh, look!  A cute little lizard.  Just what we need!
Clark and his fan club-- George and Cannon.
Abe needed to work early Saturday morning so he and the little boys came home late Friday night, while Clark stayed over and caught a ride home with a friend Saturday morning.
As I've mentioned before, we like to watch American Ninja Warrior, which is perhaps only slightly more classy than American Gladiator of yesteryear.  Not a lot classier, but maybe just a little.  Anyway, Cannon had a great time playing American Ninja Warrior on the rocks.
I think this is a great activity for little boys in the great outdoors.  A little danger is a good thing, as long as I'm not there to witness it.

And the climbing dirt wall was marvelous.  Boys, feel free to get as dirty as you want-- there's not a mother around for miles to stop you.
It's like he's drunk on dirt and adventure!
Happy boys around the campfire.
I would like to know who thought up the idea of giant marshmallows.  I don't think it was a good idea.  It's hard enough to manage roasting regular size marshmallows with out getting overly sticky with dirty camping hands.  This just seems excessive.  Fun, but excessive! Ooh, but you know what I saw recently?  Flat  square shaped marshmallows to make 'smores with.  Why did no one think of that sooner?
I think Abe was rather worn out from chasing George around all day.  George wore himself out as well and took a long nap the next day.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Return of the Backyard Campout

I can't say enough good things about the great backyard camp out!  All the benefits of camping, none of the mess or danger.  The boys were disappointed when Abe told them thy wouldn't be staying overnight at the Fathers and Sons camp out this weekend because he needed to work Saturday morning.  So he appeased them with grilled hot dogs, s'mores, and a backyard camp out this evening.  Because Abe's weekends are so busy with work over the summer, we'll be doing a lot of our recreating during the week.
With the heat of the day it was so enjoyable to spend the evening in the coolness of the backyard.  And Abe was so good as to plan and execute dinner all by himself.  I think every Wednesday should be Wienie Roast Wednesday!
Elinor is happiest with a book in hand.
Rub-a dub-dent, three kids in a tent.
Three kids rather in need of haircuts.
I got a haircut earlier in the day, so I had haircuts on the mind.  I cut Cannon's and George's hair while Clark and Bethany were at Mutual.  Cannon is easy-- curly hair is very forgiving.  George's didn't go so well, so he might be getting a buzz tomorrow.
Scary faces for scary stories around the fire.  Not exactly a campfire, but the quick fire serves it purpose well.
Settling down for the night.
See what I mean about George's hair?  Even he knows its miserable.
With the baby due in August, this is going to be a rather low-key summer for the younger kids and me.  The big kids will be occupied with camps and activities, but the little ones will have lots of time with neighborhood friends and time with the sprinklers in the backyard.  Sounds good to me.  Adventure will wait for another summer.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Our Today Show

The morning began with me drinking the super nasty sugary drink for the glucose test at my Dr.s office.  I assume it went well, I'll hear from the Dr.'s office tomorrow if it didn't.
Bethany and Elinor awoke to a rearranged and very clean room this morning.  They spent many hours yesterday working on their room "so they could enjoy their summer break and not have to worry about cleaning their room."
This was the strangest event of the day.  I received a package in the mail addressed to me from an address in Ogden.  There was no name and no note of explanation.
Here are the contents:  Letters and memorabilia from 1969-1975, the time period my dad was at BYU, on his mission, engaged to my mom, and first married.  The letters are mostly from his parents and siblings and are in pristine condition.  This would all be a wonderful package to receive but the mystery is driving me crazy!  Who sent it?  I called my dad and asked who in Ogden would have all this and why did they send it?  He had no idea.  If any extended Cannon family are reading this and you have any clues please pass them along.
Side note: The tape is addressed to Peter R. Cannon at BYU Deseret Towers S-Hall 5th floor.  I lived in S-Hall as well but on the 4th floor.
This brought joy to my heart today.  Elinor really loves to play the piano and sing along.  She's working up a number for the Fox family talent show.  I enjoyed hearing her sing so much that I happily accompanied her on the piano with some Disney songs later in the afternoon.
Blurry picture, but Cannon and his friend, Ryder were adorable to watch playing Just Dance on the Wii.  I wouldn't think boys would enjoy this as much as girls, but they were really grooving!
George was so happy to have his friend Lincoln over to play in his new pool and jump on the trampoline.
I texted Abraham this afternoon pleading for Otter Pops.  It's getting hot and I'm getting big and I love Otter Pops.  It seems a cheaper way to keep cool than setting the thermostat at 65 degrees.
He brought me a supply.  He loves me!
Cannon used his birthday money to buy a Star Wars Lego set.  He loves to have Clark help him build Legos.
Faith used her birthday money to get a Lego set as well.  She and Bethany worked on her set at the same time while we had family TV night-- Monday night is Studio C and American Ninja Warrior.  How cultured of us!  Not exactly quality Family Home Evening, but it will have to do tonight.
 George was happy to snuggle with anyone who would hold him.
It's time for me to go bed, but first I'll go check if any Otter Pops are frozen yet!