Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fathers and Sons' Camp Out 2014

Abe and the three boys spent the day on Friday at the Fathers and Sons' camp out up Spanish Fork Canyon.  Our ward has gone to this same location for several years and Clark LOVES it because it is very near to Red Ledges-- a great reptile hunting ground.  Oh, look!  A cute little lizard.  Just what we need!
Clark and his fan club-- George and Cannon.
Abe needed to work early Saturday morning so he and the little boys came home late Friday night, while Clark stayed over and caught a ride home with a friend Saturday morning.
As I've mentioned before, we like to watch American Ninja Warrior, which is perhaps only slightly more classy than American Gladiator of yesteryear.  Not a lot classier, but maybe just a little.  Anyway, Cannon had a great time playing American Ninja Warrior on the rocks.
I think this is a great activity for little boys in the great outdoors.  A little danger is a good thing, as long as I'm not there to witness it.

And the climbing dirt wall was marvelous.  Boys, feel free to get as dirty as you want-- there's not a mother around for miles to stop you.
It's like he's drunk on dirt and adventure!
Happy boys around the campfire.
I would like to know who thought up the idea of giant marshmallows.  I don't think it was a good idea.  It's hard enough to manage roasting regular size marshmallows with out getting overly sticky with dirty camping hands.  This just seems excessive.  Fun, but excessive! Ooh, but you know what I saw recently?  Flat  square shaped marshmallows to make 'smores with.  Why did no one think of that sooner?
I think Abe was rather worn out from chasing George around all day.  George wore himself out as well and took a long nap the next day.

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