Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Change of Heart

Alright, alright.  I admit it.  This is really fun.  For all of my whining about getting here to the Fox Family reunion, I am quite enjoying myself.  I'll also admit right off that Abe is doing more than his fair share of parenting as I do more than my fair share of resting.  I am very grateful because even as I write this he is off with all the kids and a few extra cousins to boot on a family hike while I sit in a very cool and comfortable air-conditioned room.  Not really fair, but quite lovely for me.
Yesterday was the first official reunion day and it started off with a bang, canoeing down a stretch of the Spokane River.  Somewhat of a logistical nightmare, somehow or other, it worked.  Everyone who wanted to go got to go and nobody drown. SUCCESS!
Oh, and nobody got terribly sunburned or sick either.  That is a really good day!
Cousins Gentri and Elinor.
Julia and Bethany have been the same height forever.  But Julia got her growth spurt first and passed Bethany up.
Faith and Eliza-- we have so many pictures of these two together at reunions over the years.
 I could have sworn I packed it, but I couldn't find George's swim suit.  Thanks to Aunt Amy, he wore a swim diaper instead.  However, he made sure people knew he wasn't wearing a diaper.  I can understand that a few years from now he might be embarrassed by this picture, but it warms my heart because it really captures my little Georgie-love.

Tiffany, Baby Hallie, Amy and I.  Most of the moms stayed at the home-base park while the menfolk shuttled children and canoes up and down the river.  Ours was not the most adventuresome lot, but it worked for me.
  We had lots of happy swimmers.
The Jolley Foxes.
Kathleen Jolley Fox
Cannon Jolley Fox
Abraham Jolley Fox
James Russell Fox and George Russell Fox.  George loves his Grandpa!
It happened.  We knew it would happen.  Clark caught a snake yesterday on one of his hikes around the property.  He says it is a rubber boa.  I have no reason to doubt his expertise.  But seriously, how can he make some money off his gift?  We need a business plan.
Love, love, love talking with my many sister-in-laws.  Do you see the two little babies on laps.  They are so cute, but I am reminded how much work babies are too.  Oh, my goodness, here we go again!
Each year we repeat some favorite activities, and we try out a few new activities.  This year saw the addition of "So You Think you Can Dance-- Fox edition".  Samatha and Michael's family won the whole thing with a very enthusiastic, musical, and well prepared family dance-- "The Hustle".
"Gangnam Style" was working the crowd and had great participation from Daniel and Lori's and Philip and Katie's families.
"Harlam Shake" from Russell and Melissa's family was wild and crazy, but we needed more!!! My only complaint as one of the judges was it wasn't long enough!
Baden and Mary danced to "Everything is Awesome" from the Lego movie and it attracted every stray toddler and preschooler on the property!  George (far right) came and joined in as soon as he heard the music.
The Abe and Betsy Fox family failed in family unity and planning, but at the last minute Abe and Elinor and Bethany pulled together more of a lip sync than a dance to "Word of Wizzum'" from Sons of Provo.  It's irreverent, but we love it.
And I'll give you one guess what the final closing dance number would be at the Fox Family reunion Dance Off.

Did you guess it yet?

Yes, that's right.  "What Does the Fox Say?"
It was a beautiful thing.  Look how moved Bethany was.  It was inspirational.
 I think Grandma and Grandpa were enjoying watching their posterity.
And just in case that wasn't enough fun for one day, we had an outdoor movie screen and movie theater popcorn to send everyone off to bed.
Just not sleeping in regular beds-- rather a huge cousin sleepover on the lawn.  No one was eaten by a cougar or trampled by a moose during the night, so once again, SUCCESS!

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