Monday, July 21, 2014

Primary Pioneer Parade 2014

This evening was our Primary Pioneer Parade.  They started at the Primary President's house and made their way to our neighborhood park.  This sign was not made by one of my children, but I loved it anyway.
Here is our wonderful Primary President leading the parade-- having to run to keep ahead of the speeding bikers!
At the starting line.  Bethany is not in Primary, but she was George's escort.
George loved being in the parade.
And I LOVED seeing my Georgie ride by. 
There is Cannon in navy blue on his scooter.
The carnage of bikes, scooters, trikes, and strollers.  There was a great turn out and we had a great time visiting with treats at the park afterwards.
I quite adore this little group of neighborhood boys--Lincoln, George, Joey, Cannon, Jake, and Ryder.
The little ladies-- plus Joey on the right:)  Lucky, lucky kids to have such good friends living so close.
Hill rolling-- one of the truest joys of childhood.  What a fun evening with family and friends.

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Amy F. said...

How fun! Good friends are a blessing!!