Friday, July 4, 2014

Silverwood Day 2014

Silverwood is the amusement park of the Northwest and it was the planned activity for the Fox family reunion yesterday.  Being 8 months pregnant, I had no wish to join the festivities.  So I got up and helped ready all of my people, wished Abe good luck and settled in for a day by my lonesome reading a book, writing letters, napping, and enjoying the silence.
There they all are, ready for a fun day of rides and cousins.  Silverwood is smaller than Lagoon and nowhere near as crowded, but still has big fun rides and a water park included.
When you're an adult, this is what makes amusement parks worth the hassle and heat.  Oh, the joy!  I like going to amusement parks, but not even this cutie could lure me there in my current condition on a hot day like this. 
But wait... what have we here?  Who is that man in the sun glasses and the cute little girl next to him.
Of all the crazy coincidences, my brother Matt and his wife Misty and their two girls happened to be at Silverwood-- six hours from their home in Vancouver, WA-- on the very same day that our family was up from Salt Lake.  We had no idea we would both be there.

Abe and Misty texted me and I was so sad I wasn't there to see them, but I still didn't see how it would be possible.  I'm just not in a condition to walk around in the heat all day.  But then Dad Fox said he would be leaving shortly to go just for lunch with the family and a couple of hours and then he'd be coming home.
YES, I'M IN!  My quiet day at home was not to be.  But it was worth it.
How fun for us to see both Abe's and my family on the same trip!
We just don't see them often enough.  George, Aliyah, and Cannon
 Bethany and Rosalie.
Elinor getting a goodbye hug from Rosalie.
Clark and Alexis all grown up.
George liked the train ride and meeting "The Marshall" in the Old West show.
Here is my favorite picture of the day.  John is almost three years older than Cannon, but they have been very good buddies on this whole trip.  John is a sweetheart.
I think he has made the reunion for Cannon.
Abe went on a big scary ride with Jesse and Amy.  He kind of knew it was a bad idea.  He tried to talk himself out of it saying, "I just don't need that in my life."  But he succumbed to peer pressure.
 So he did it.  And he regretted it.  And he never has to do it again.
Elinor was so happy to get to go up on stage and help the magician with a trick during the magic show.
We enjoyed a tasty lunch at a pavilion with the family.  Here is the 11 year-old group of girls.
Fun times at Silverwood.

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Amy F. said...

You got some great pictures! John had fun with Cannon too. So glad you got to see your brother's family! It was meant to be! You in your pregnant state, being RS Pres, can get your pictures on the blog within days. You'll see my updates in about 6 months. :)