Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Family Photo

The final event of the reunion was an attempt at a huge family picture and the baptisms of three cousins.  We left the baptism and immediately hit the road to head home.  This picture was snapped just as we were leaving Fox Hill heading to the picture.
Clark is 15!  Picture day and driving home day fell on Clark's birthday (again).  It is rather unfortunate for Clark that his birthday regularly falls on a reunion travel day.  His birthday celebration this year is spread over the month of July when we can fit it in with camps and youth conference and such. 
Grandpa made sure to stand on a higher step than Clark.
The four oldest grandsons-- from youngest to oldest and tallest to shortest-- Parker, Clark, Adam, and Ford.
Here is the picture with all the grandchildren, minus 4-- three who weren't there and one who wasn't feeling well and needed to go inside.  That's quite the posterity.
The seven Fox brothers.  You can see how unfortunate it is that they have such a hard time expressing themselves.


Amy F. said...

I think that Fox brothers picture is the best one yet!

Vanessa said...

You are just gorgeous Betsy!!