Friday, August 1, 2014

Georgie Turned 4

Well, he's really not a baby anymore-- he just turned four.  But he's still our baby--at least for another couple of weeks.  He loves to talk to my baby tummy and says, "I'm so excited for the baby!"  We'll see how long the enthusiasm lasts once the new arrival actually arrives.
We've been keeping ourselves busy with preparations for the new baby and Georgie wants his part of the action.  The bonk on George's head came from a run-in with a picnic table at Clark's birthday party last week.
We had a very delightful family birthday party on the morning of his birthday.  We wanted to sing happy birthday to him, but we didn't have a cake baked yet, so we improvised.  The candles were very secure in the hot dog bun.  You might notice the Christmas gift bag on the right.  We were being very resourceful with our birthday celebration.  I don't think the four year old minded a bit.
Georgie's presents were all of a Ninja Turtle variety-- pajamas.
He got a turtle shell and lots of ninja weapons.  I don't know that arming the four year old just before a new baby comes was the wisest choice.
But enough weapons for everyone entertains everyone and that makes my life easier for a little while.
George was a very happy little birthday boy.
The only thing George actually requested for his birthday was a Spider Man pinata.  He pronounces it, "Fighter Man".  This pinata was perfect because all six kids got a good few whacks at it.
Clark was the rope man, adjusting the height.
Faith takes aim.
 Softball skills going to good use-- Elinor knocked one of his arms off.
Bethany got a few good whacks.
We all got a kick out of watching Clark quickly demolish Spider-Man.
Our birthday activity was going down to the newly remodeled and enlarged Bean Museum down at BYU.  We have many fond memories of the old one and hoped to be delighted with the changes.  Alas, we were all disappointed.  It is more spacious, but there seemed to be far fewer animals and it lacked it's former charm.  It's not very often that we are disappointed with anything BYU does, but we were sad about the changes.
They did, however,  provide us with the thrill of riding in the largest elevator I've ever been in.  I am so disturbed by the sight of my large pregnant self striking a pose.  I'm surprised my children can bear to be seen in public with me.
Earlier this summer Abe won a gift card at work for his World Cup predictions.  We'd been saving it and decided to splurge on a family lunch out at Red Robin.  It was a lovely time and everyone was very nicely behaved.  Abe and I were commenting later that evening what a pleasure it was to go out to eat with everyone and have everyone so grateful.  It would be nice to be able to go out more often, but I suppose the benefit of not being able to do it more often is that it is a wonderful, special thing when we do.  
Happy Birthday, Georgie Fox!  We love you!


Ali said...

I love that he enjoys Ninja Turtles! So glad that a new generation can have TMNT fun! Happy Birthday Prince George! LOVE YOU!

Vanessa said...

Betsy, your family is just beautiful. You make me excited for my kids to grow up a bit

Amy F. said...

Happy birthday to Georgie! I love all his TMNT gear! So cute!! For the record, you are beautiful, pregnant or no. :)