Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Peter Meets Peter

Grandpa Peter Cannon (Betsy's father) came to visit his grandson Peter last evening.  I had to leave to run some kids to different activities, but he stayed and chatted with Betsy for quite some time.  Long Live the Peters!!
While running older kids around town last evening, I brought the 2 younger boys by for a quick visit.  Cannon, George & Peter -- the very first pic of these 3 guys together with many, many more to come!!
Last night, Cannon was on a comedic-run (maybe channeling the spirit of Robin Williams), hilariously deciding to Teach a class of "Classical Science For Babies" as he termed it.  But what he did next was simply the FUNNIEST THING EVER!!!
Cannon hopped up on Betsy's bed and then proceeded with his own impersonation of child birth (sounds and all).  It was ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL!!!!
Here is our Beloved Naomi, who has been watching our 6 other Foxlings for the last 2 1/2 days.  THANK YOU, Naomi!!  You are a Godsend!!
Peter -- We Love You!!
I was up in the middle of the night, just holding my newest little boy!
Peter has been sleepy this morning again, while Betsy and I start our preparations for leaving the Hospital today.  It has been absolutely wonderful...the Hospital, the Doctors, the Nurses.....but most especially just spending a lot of wonderfully quiet moments with this wonderfully perfect new little person.  We feel VERY BLESSED!!!

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Amy F. said...

Beautiful, beautiful baby. And Cannon, I see Studio C in your future....