Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Presenting Peter Jesse Fox

Peter Jesse Fox arrived at 6:48pm, Monday evening, August 11th,2014!!
The labor & delivery was quite smooth and uneventful.  We didn't get going with the induction as early as we would have liked due to an emergency c-section underway for someone else.
Well, he was worth the wait!!
All 22 inches and 8lbs 12 oz of him!!
(This post is being written by the Proud Papa, Abe.....BTW)
Betsy and I just enjoying the day together while waiting for our new arrival (Modern Medicine is a Miracle)!!
Going for a walk early Monday afternoon.
Brand New Baby!!
Holding Peter for the first time!
Beautiful Mama, Beautiful Baby......her 8th!!!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Betsy for bringing these precious souls into our eternal family!!!
Betsy's Dad & youngest brother are Peters and my just younger brother is Jesse.
I had just changed his diaper.
Welcome to the World, Peter!!!


Schramm Family said...

Love! He is so cute and you are both amazing! Betsy, you are one of the greatest examples to me! What a cute mamma! Looking forward to holding baby Peter!

Kajsa Pace said...

Congrats to your beautiful family! So happy everything went well!