Friday, August 1, 2014

Think Pink and Death by Bowstaff

One of the perks of Abe working for Winder Farms is he brings home free samples and when Winder has over ordered items, we are occasionally the beneficiaries.  He recently inundated us with strawberry lemonade and it inspired the girls to get to work.  But they took it to the next level-- they branded their lemonade stand, "Think Pink". 
I like their uniform visors the best.   
I enjoy Cannon and George immensely and I look forward to having another little boy to add to the boy bunch.  I suspect they will be just as much fun, in a different way, as these three sisters have been.  They work together so well and it has been such a joy to watch them grow up. 

 And speaking of joys, my eldest child reminds me very much of my younger brother Matt these days-- mostly in a good way.  Clark makes me laugh and when he's not mercilessly teasing siblings, he keeps us all quite entertained.
This morning I found him sleeping on the family couch rather than his dungeon downstairs.  I asked him why and he directed me to this note he'd left on the kitchen table.
I'll translate:  "Die, stupid Spider!!! Clark fought a 46 minute battle with his trusty bow staff to kill this!!! It freaked him out, so he is sleeping up here."
The dead spider carcass is on the balloon.
I am grateful he killed the spider, but I have to think there are more effective weapons for killing a spider than a bow staff.

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