Friday, August 8, 2014

Tidbits of Life

A mother can never be sure what will happen to her brain postpartum.  If I remember correctly, I think I feel so much better not being pregnant anymore, that I'm able to think clearly not too long after baby's arrival, but I really can't say for sure.  That may be wishful thinking.  Since we've almost made it to the end, I want to share a few thoughts on life and my family as it now is.

--Abe works A LOT during the summer.  He does well, but he is definitely putting in the hours and we miss him.  Especially this summer I think the kids miss him because I'm not much fun to be around.  I'm very proud of him and his efforts and grateful he is willing to work so hard for our family.  It's not like he's getting fancy cars and exotic vacations out of all his hard work.  But he does have a family who loves him and can't wait for him to get home at night-- however late that is.

--Bethany is finishing up the Youth Lyceum Music Festival at American Heritage School in American Fork  this week.  She's been there from 9-4 everyday, learning challenging music and meeting fellow string players.  Being a part of the orchestra program last year was a very good experience and she has gotten to do the summer camp with the higher level orchestra up than she did during the school year.  She was nervous, but I think she has risen to the occasion.  I'm looking forward to hearing her concert tomorrow evening.

--Elinor recently expressed the latest desire of her heart-- to have braces and glasses; though, preferably not at the same time.  She says she'd like to have braces first, then get glasses.  I tried to explain that these are not general considered fashionable and can be quite uncomfortable.  She informed me that they are "teeth jewelry" and "eye jewelry".  And here I was thinking it was the greatest financial blessing of my life that thus far my children have not needed braces.  I'd better get on the fashion train!

--Oftentimes Abe is getting home quite late and is wiped out from the days work. I am great with child and exhausted from surviving another day of being pregnant and taking care of the family.  When it comes time for bed, there is not a lot of energy left for chatting over the days events.  We want to sleep.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, I frequently wake up during the night and have trouble falling immediately back asleep.  Abe, being the light sleeper that he is, will wake up with me and we'll chat for 30 or 45 minutes during the 2 o'clock hour.  It is very romantic, with very few distractions.  George hasn't joined us in our bed by that point and we are able to enjoy some quality time together.  Not conventional, but it works these days.  I suppose it's good training for 2 AM feedings.

--I said I haven't been much fun this summer, and I'm pretty sure none of my family would argue with me on that.  But there is one area I have pleased my children on a few hot summer days.  I like to surprise them with trips to the local 7 eleven to get Slurpees.  I remember getting Slurpees as a kid, but then it was many years-- like 20 years-- until I rediscovered them.  When I get them Slurpees I am declared "The Best Mom Ever!"-- at least by the little kids.

--Speaking of my lack of adventure this summer, it is probably for the best that I'm lacking energy and ambition for fun.  You see, this is something I struggle with every summer-- feeling pressure to relax and have fun, when I really just want to stimulate their little minds and be productive.  This year, I feel a little bad that they might be a bit bored, but there's not a thing I feel I can do about it. It is all I can do to run the house and feed my peeps.  It's kind of relieved the anxiety I usually feel in the summer.

--Just for a family record's sake, I am reading The Mouse and the Motorcycle aloud to the little kids as their bedtime story, and The Cay to the big kids after scripture reading.  Somethings-- like family reading-- must carry on!  Also, last year I didn't host any kid book clubs, and while I felt good about that and knew I needed to take it easy last year with the pregnancy and new calling, I just couldn't help myself this year.  I'm looking forward to the next group of neighborhood homeschooled kids coming over once a month for a simple and fun book club.

I most likely will not post again until we have a new addition to the Fox family.  I'm planning to be induced on Monday, and knowing Abe, he will be quick to get lots of pictures and share them with the world.  In the meantime, I'm trying very hard to keep calm and not worry.  We are so looking forward to meeting this little one.


Inspiration Station said...

I was stopping in to see if you had your baby yet. I'll have to check in next week! Hang in there mama.

Abe Fox said...

I miss you Sweetheart!! I'm gone right now so I can be with you and Peter next week!! I CANNOT WAIT......Baby # 8!!
And I too am loving our middle-of-the-night chat sessions!!!

Emily Sanders said...

OOOHHHH! Peter!! That is my next chosen boy name...alas, we aren't too successful in producing boy babies. ;) Good Luck next week and I will keep your heart in my prayers.

Vanessa said...

When you get a Slurpie you are ALWAYS the best mom ever. :)

Amy F. said...

Betsy, I love reading your updates. :) Praying that your delivery goes well and that mom and baby are healthy and happy!!! So excited for you!