Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall, Glorious Fall

I've been to a couple of really awesome pumpkin patches in the Northwest. 
Frankly, this pumpkin patch was nothing like them.  But there were pumpkins to be had and a few animals to pet and there was a pit of dried corn to play in, so we'll take it! 
As part of George's little neighborhood preschool (which has worked out fantastically well and he loves it), we took a little field trip to a pumpkin patch.
The pit of corn was pretty cool.  It's like a ball pit at McDonalds, (probably not much cleaner), but with corn.  The kids loved it-- George made a "corn angel".  Naughty children threw corn at other children.  Corn ended up in underwear.  Great fun for everyone and it entertained lots of children for a long time.  I'd rather have a corn pit than a sand box any day.  I wonder how much a corn pit would cost?
We fed smelly, adorable pigs.
As of tonight, fall soccer is done.  We made it!  I survived... no, I did more than survive... I rocked soccer season with three kids and a newborn baby!  Every Saturday for three hours for the last month and several Mondays and Wednesdays as well, we hung out at the soccer fields and I nursed the baby while cheering on the kids.  And you know what?  For all my boobing (no pun intended) and whining, it was a pretty fun season and we may not need to take year off next year.  The kids all had a good experience and the weather was beautiful for every game. 
Here is my Elinor at one of the soccer games, sporting a style all her own.  She is one of a kind and I love her to pieces.  She is adorable and refreshing.  Except on Sunday morning.  On Sunday mornings she and I don't always agree about what is appropriate to wear to church.
 In all of our running around town in the evening dropping off and picking young people up from different activities,the younger kids and I have become park connoisseurs.  When we have a few minutes before we need to be somewhere we check out local parks.  Cannon and Faith have a system for naming and rating which ones are best.  I snapped this picture of a very proud Cannon after his first successful trip across the monkey bars!
I really don't care for selfies, but here I am with my little Peter.  I quite like him.
Well, I say I don't like selfies.  But the evidence would suggest otherwise.  George and me during one of the other kids' soccer games.
Elinor has been playing volleyball this fall.  She's really enjoyed it and has shown great improvement.  She regularly serves it over the net and even returns it now and then.  Do you see those pink shorts?  I hate them.  She loves them.  Remember the business about "a style all her own?"  It reminds me of this shirt my sister and I had when we were preteens.  It was white with big, multi-colored polka dots all over it.  My mom hated it.  She said it looked like a bag of wonder bread.  She was right, it did.  But oh, how we loved that shirt.  We took turns wearing it all the time.  It "mysteriously" disappeared one day.  It was very sad.  Maybe these pink shorts will "disappear" soon.
 And speaking of my mother.  I channeled her spirit over General Conference weekend and made cinnamon rolls.  I don't know if they were quite as good as her's-- I don't know that that is possible, but they were respectable cinnamon rolls.  I believe she was smiling down on me:)
Let me be honest and say that it has been a rather uncomfortable start to our school year-- new baby and all.  I don't feel on top of things and I'm not sure school work it being completely in a timely and thorough manner.  That being said, can we all take a moment to celebrate the fact that Cannon asked Faith to teach him cursive and they worked on it for several hours last week.  The first two lines are Faith's and the third is Cannon's.  He's first grade, she's in third and I am so grateful they are best friends.  
Abe's insanely busy summer work schedule is starting to wind down.  He'll still have some busy weekends, but we'll see him more on weeknights.  I'm so glad.  We have missed him.  Peter loves Abe.  He smiles most quickly for Abe.  He'll calm down with me if he's upset, but he saves his smiles for Abe.  I think they have the same profile. 
We hosted George's preschool at our house last week.  Here he is with his best buddy, Lincoln.  George does not love to play with everyone, and if I'm really being honest, I should say that he is throwing crying fits a bit too frequently these days--new baby and all.  But he always loves Lincoln.

Fall has kept us very busy and it would be okay if things slowed down a little.  Do you know the children's story, It Could Always Be Worse? A poor man in a small house with a large family goes to the rabbi for advice and complains about his life.  The rabbi advises him to bring a bunch of his animals into his house.  He goes back to the rabbi and says life is even worse now.  The rabbi says to bring more animals in.  Life is even harder.  Finally, the rabbi says to take all the animals out of the house and suddenly the house is so quiet and spacious for the man and his family.  
Now that soccer is done, Abe's schedule is calmer, the baby is settled down, and Clark's play (he is in Pirates of Penzance) will be done in a couple of weeks, I'm hoping that will make my life seem much quieter and more spacious as well.  Here's to hoping!

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