Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gardner Village 2014

Family night at Gardner village is an annual October tradition.  It was a beautiful night and we had a lovely time meandering the pathways throughout the quaint shops and finding all the witches.  Abe has worked the farmers market at Gardner village every Saturday since June and today was his last one for the season.  I think it was enjoyable for Abe to be there with his family and not talk to anybody about Winder Farms.  He's been gone a lot this summer and it is so nice to have him around more often.
Clark wasn't with us because he had a play rehearsal Monday night.  Cannon took the opportunity to make a move on Clark's girlfriend.
I had a similar picture of Clark posing with this little beauty a couple of years back, but I can't find it in my archives.  I think Clark must have forbade my posting it. Clark forbids my posting a lot of things.  It is sad to me.
These little stuffed animals are called "Beanie Boos".  I think they are in the same family as "Beanie Babies".  Anyway, there are a couple of toy stores at Gardner Village that  sell them and Faith has really gotten into collecting them.  She has convinced the boys that they are the greatest toys ever and they were all excited to spend their money to add to their collection.
  I thought the big American flag made of lovely background for a picture, but I miss Clark in the picture.  With a family this size and as the kids are getting older, it works out that we often have to divide and conquer.  There are so many people and activities that we're not all together as often as we were when the kids were younger.  That's natural and healthy, but it is more difficult to schedule family activities. 
Here I am giving a piano lesson to the witch.  Recently Cannon told me I would be good if I wasn't so "harsh" to my students.
Hmm.  I didn't realize expecting them to practice was so harsh.  I'll have to think about that.

This was a very eventful week for us.  Gardner Village on Monday.  And Meet the Mormons on Wednesday.  Abe has been taking Wednesdays off to have some family time and since everyone is home during the day we hit a matinee with Grandma and Grandpa Cannon.
 We loved it.  I thought it was so beautiful and uplifting.  And while it was the story of six Mormons and their families, it really was about good people with good values.  I highly recommend it to anyone-- Mormon or not. 
Then with Clark's play Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, it can only mean one thing for next week.  BORING.
No, actually, that won't be the case.  It's Halloween next week.  Which means that after two weeks of fun, fun, fun, we will seriously crash the first week of November. It may be a pretty rough adjustment back to regular, boring life.  Oh, well.  I guess we'll enjoy the fun until then. 

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