Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pirates of Penzance

Even as I write this, Clark is the middle of his final performance of Pirates of Penzance with the Bluffdale City Arts Council.  Abe is there with a a few of the kids.  I went last night and this afternoon and it was absolutely delightful. 
To say it has been a good experience for him is an understatement.  He's loved it and we have seen a whole new side to Clark we didn't know existed.  And we've heard him singing. A LOT.  Not upstairs where we can see him, but rather downstairs in his cave.  It's so wonderful.
He was so expressive and he just came alive up on stage.  I don't know if I've ever seen him smile so much!
This was from the dress rehearsal before he let his hair go wild for the performances. 
I don't know how they found the leads for the play, but they were fantastic. Originally they were going to perform at a middle school, however because of scheduling problem they ended up at the local elementary school stage.  My only criticism of the production was that the venue was too small. 
One of the most interesting things for me to see in Clark was just how much he looked and acted like my younger brother Matt.  Clark and Matt haven't spent that much time together because Matt lives up near Portland, but holy smokes!  Talk about similar facial expressions and mannerisms.  It was almost a little freaky.  Am I watching my son or my brother at his same age?  Such fun to see.

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