Monday, October 13, 2014

Studio C, We Love You

A couple weeks back we surprised the kids with a family home evening trip to Provo to see the cast of Studio C and the Premiere of Season 5 on the big screen at a park.
They are sporting their "Jeremy glasses".  It was really fun, and although we didn't meet the cast or even get close to them, the episode was very funny and we're bigger fans than ever.
Afterwards we went for ice cream at Arctic Circle.  Clark and I have a tradition of sharing a pumkin pie shake every fall.  Sadly, my eldest does not wish to be photographed.  His father and I have abused the camera for family pictures too often and this is his form of rebellion.
Resistance was strong.
The shame of being in a picture with your mother.
Make it stop.
 "Clark, take a nice picture with your mother, or I won't share the pumpkin pie shake with you!"
Thank you.
When you get this many people in a family it can be hard to please everyone.  There is always someone who doesn't like the food, or the music, or the movie, or the book.  But EVERYONE was happy with the evening and their was much gratitude from grateful children. 
Georgie was plumb tuckered out.

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Inspiration Station said...

Betsy, it was so good to run into you at the premiere. I wish I could have visited with you more, but we were there with our neighbors. You have such a beautiful and fun family!!!