Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fun on the Hill

Peter Jesse with Grandma and Grandpa Fox.  Notice he is smiling in this picture.  I wish I could say he was smiling more often on this trip, but sadly, that is not the case.  He's had a rough couple of days-- not sleeping very well and generally pretty fussy.  Abe is being very kind to me this morning and holding him while I give my arms a rest and blog. 
Also I'm watching Bride and Prejudice-- a Bollywood version of Pride and Prejudice.  Great fun!
This is pretty much the scene.  And I fear we are creating a major problem for when we get back home, because we are holding him so much here.  He was already a wee bit spoiled before our trip, but we might never recover after this week.
It was very wet and muddy, but Elinor really wanted to ride the four-wheelers.  Her boots got super muddy.  They were getting worn out and too small anyway, so I think we'll just have to trash them before we leave.
Abe has worked a lot lately, so the kids (and me) are really enjoying time to play with Dad.  I can do a lot on my own, but we need and love to have him around.  Here he is on his annual "Elinor and Dad Ride" on the 4-wheeler to their special spot on the mountain.
Clark brought up his Heroscape game to get in a good game with Abe.  Fortunately for Clark, Grandma and Grandpa Fox have a partially finished basement.   It is slightly less dungeon-like than ours at home, but Clark has taken to it and feels quite at home.
More 4-wheeler fun!
Abe and Justin Sanders grew up together in Spokane.  Justin married Emily, who I have come to love.  When we first started getting together as families we each had one little boy.  Now, a whole lot of kids later, we still love their company.  We enjoyed dinner and great conversation at FoxHill last night.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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