Friday, November 14, 2014

November Kids' Book Club

Kind of a weird picture, but I like it.  

Faith and Cannon up on the roof last weekend helping Abe hang Christmas lights before the weather turned cold.  This is precisely why kids need a mom and a dad.  I would never let kids on the roof on my watch.  Waaaay too dangerous.  Except that a little danger is good and dads seem to be better at encouraging, or at least letting, kids experience appropriate danger.  They are stronger and braver for it.
We had a fun kid's book club this week.  We discussed The Family Under the Bridge and for our snack we had sauerkraut and wieners.  This is the group that was brave enough to try sauerkraut.  Well except for Cannon who is photo-bombing.  You can see from the picture who liked it and who did not.  I suppose the boys taste buds are not as sensitive as the girls.
We went outside to draw our dream houses with sidewalk chalk.
I didn't realize a big front walk was so important to Cannon.
 George doesn't ask for much in his future dream house.
Elinor's was really the most interesting because hers was more of a blueprint.  If I remember correctly, there was an enormous library, a gourmet kitchen, a science lab and a gymnasium.  Way to do your own thing, Els!
My all time favorite childhood game-- raking leaves into "houses".  I'm so happy it lives on.  We don't have a lot on the schedule tomorrow.  If we can get Peter to take a nap, I may need to go rake some leaf houses in my front yard.  And then have some hot chocolate.  Doesn't that sound like fun!

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