Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Spokane for Thanksgiving 2014

And we're here.
We enjoyed a safe, clear day of driving to Spokane to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with Abe's family.  It gets dark at least a full half hour earlier here than it does at home so by the time we rolled in at 4:30 is was quite dark already.  We were on the road before the sun came up and didn't get in until the sun was down, but even still it felt like one of our quicker drives here.  Maybe Abe's speeding ticket in Montana had something to do with it.
We always feel so loved and welcomed when we get here.
There are some toys that are always the first to come out of the playroom.
Faith and Cannon went right to the air hockey table.
Thank you, Cannon, for that lovely expression.
Two "Jolley Foxes".  They both have the middle name of Jolley and last name of Fox.
Abe and his just younger brother Jesse.  Jesse is holding his nephew named partly after him-- Peter Jesse Fox.
Clark and his closest cousin, Alexis.  They are both into speech and debate, so we're hoping for a sparring showdown later this week.
My wonderful sister-in-law Amy.  I swear she gets younger and lovelier each time I see her.  I think I'll stop having my picture taken with her.
George and cousin, Asher.  They played so well together-- even if they do both look a little drunk in this picture.
Cannon and John.  John is a couple years older than Cannon, but Cannon LOVES him.  I was embarrassing John by telling him that he is getting handsomer each time I see him.  Cannon overheard this compliment, and feeling a little threatened, he said, "Mom, what about my hair compared to John's face?"  We all had a good laugh teasing the boys about morphing them together into one super handsome boy that would cause the girls to faint when they saw him.

We're so glad to be here and looking forward to a week of family, relaxation, overindulgence in media, overeating and spending time together.

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