Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!
Lots of cousins enjoying Thanksgiving dinner.
The food was really quite delicious-- as would be expected on Thanksgiving.  But my George is passing through a VERY picky stage with food.  Grandma's house is not the time or place to fight that battle.  So when he said he just wanted lemonade to drink and nothing to eat, I obliged.  We'll deal with food issues when we get home.  
Peter had plenty of adoring fans-- pictured here are Ruth and Priscilla (about to leave on a mission).  Sadly, he is not making many friends or influencing people because he starts to cry whenever anyone else holds him.  We'll have to deal with that when we get home as well.
Several of the children participated in a very entertaining interpretation of the First Thanksgiving.   
Clark and Alexis sparred (debated) over the topic-- Christmas should not be celebrated before Thanksgiving.  Clark argued for and Alexis against.  According to Clark, family members make bad judges, because we all declared it a tie.  But they were both fierce competitors.
 I didn't know my children enjoyed the game of pool so much, but they've been playing a lot.  They are soaking up this time with cousins.

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