Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Joys

Today was Christmas Sunday- or rather, the Sunday before Christmas.  Abe, me, Bethany, and Faith have enjoyed singing with our ward choir for the last few months.  Faith and Cannon sang with about seven Primary children "Away in a Manger".  They were very sweet, even if Clark's friends were teasing Cannon a bit and trying to get him to laugh while he was up there.  I think Cannon held strong.  Bethany played her violin beautifully while the choir sang "O Holy Night".
It was a really nice day at church.
Then it got even better when we gathered at Steve and Candee's house for family dinner.  Dad and Bev surprised us by showing up with their mission call.  We knew they'd submitted papers, but we didn't know they had received their call two days ago!  We got the non-local siblings on Zoom and enjoyed watching them open it.  They were so happy to get called to serve a full time, two year mission coordinating senior couples service missions while living at home!  They were willing to go anywhere they were needed, but they did put their preference to live at home.  So everyone was thrilled that they get to be full time missionaries, but we don't have to say goodbye for two years.
Peter's first visit to see Santa.
We were sitting down to a family game night last night, when my friend called to tell me the Coca-Cola Santa was at the local Walmart.  She knew I was looking for an opportunity to visit Santa that didn't involve a trip to the mall.  We called for everyone to get their shoes on and grab a jacket--"We're going to see Santa!"
On the plus side, there was no line, you immediately got a free picture printed out and access to it digitally, and Santa gave you a little plush polar bear.  On the down side, he wasn't a particularly impressive Santa, he didn't actually talk to the children or ask them what they want for Christmas, and just took the picture and then got rid of the child.
No matter.  We've visited Santa and everyone was happy.
It made me happy that Elinor would still sit with Santa.  Clark refused and Bethany was off babysitting. 
Clark had a fun activity all day on Saturday.  He has enjoyed a game called "Heroscape" for many years.  He organized a tournament at a local game store, and even though they don't make Heroscape anymore, he has several friends who also have a large collection of game pieces.
The event even had an official name: Jingle Bell Bash. 
Clark and Bethany recently invited a group of kids from their church classes over for a game night.   It was a really nice, fun group of kids and there was an added benefit to our family as well.  Clark and Bethany were very anxiously engaged in cleaning the house all day in preparation.  
Was it wrong of me to take such enjoyment in watching their frustration as rooms they had just cleaned immediately got messy again?
Yes, it was wrong of me.  But justified?
Elinor and Faith worked on a gingerbread house.  Perhaps no one mentioned that they could use all the icing.  I think they thought there was an icing shortage.  
Sadly, this was made on Saturday afternoon.  As of Sunday night, the candy had all been picked off.  Our family has yet to create even one respectable gingerbread house that lasts more than two days.  
Maybe next year.

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