Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Let the Season Begin

We're back home.  We arrived home late Saturday evening after a somewhat eventful drive home.  While we're usually quite pleased with ourselves at being able to complete the drive in eleven hours, the return trip took us thirteen.  Oh, the shame.
We did have a bit of car trouble, so we needed to take it a little slower.  The good news is we made it home and didn't have to stay the weekend in a hotel in Idaho Falls.  The bad news is we had to take our van into the shop Monday morning.  The good news is they were able to fix it the same day.  The bad news is it cost $750-- in December no less.  The good news is we had the money to fix it.  So, I'll not complain.
The first order of business after church on Sunday was to get out the Christmas tree and decorations.  Faith with her "Faith" ornament.  It's really easy to find personalized ornaments for her.
We really needed to get home on Saturday because the girls had a Riverton Children's Choir concert Sunday evening at the Assembly Hall on Temple Square.  The concert was really, really fantastic.  There are three directors and I have been so impressed each time I've heard the choir sing.  Bethany had a solo part in one of the pieces and she did so well.
Here is a picture of the choir and the soloists out in front during the applause.
Our ward is very well represented in the choir.  Eleven kids!  I have the fun job of driving the choir bus on Mondays.  I drive nine of them in my big van-- and the only thing I require is that they sing me a song on the way there.
And since we were headed to Temple Square, we all went so we could see the lights.  This is a cute family picture, but I'll tell you the truth.  Maybe it was because we'd been in the car all day the day before.  Or maybe it was the week of junk food and movies at the grandparents.  But all of the kids were rather unruly as we walked around Temple Square.  They were fun, but unruly.  I suppose that contributed to our decision no to go to the live nativity this evening.
Clark was very helpful with George.  Actually, a week of junk food and movies must sit well with Clark-- he's been very pleasant since we arrived home.
 One more family picture on Temple Square.  
You can see why our older kids are resisting taking pictures.  And I don't blame them-- we go overboard taking too many pictures.  Will they be grateful someday?  Are we creating little narcissists?  We do it out of love.  I think.  Maybe we have a problem.
George's nutcracker!!
He was so excited to get his nutcracker back out.  Mind you, we've had this nutcracker for years, but nobody has loved him like George does. He's been feeding him animal crackers.  It is messy, but the crumbs are dry and easily swept up.  I can't tell him no.

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Amy F. said...

Sorry to hear about your van! We had to replace Jesse's tires and a $600 fix on my car this month, I feel your pain. I didn't know your girls were doing choir too! Your kids are developing so many talents! It's almost unfair how amazing they are to all the normal folk. They are lucky to have you two as parents.