Friday, December 19, 2014

The Little People

Yes, this is as much fun as it looks.
Who knew the little boys would love their little brother so much?
 The hottest tickets in town during the Christmas season are to the Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square Christmas concert.  Every year they have some magnificent guest performer and Abe and I have been so lucky as to go several times over the years.  But this year topped all the rest-- I took the little kids-- George, Faith, and Cannon to hear Santino Fontano (voice of Hans in Frozen) and the Sesame Street Muppets-- Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie, Abby, Rosita, and the Count.  It was the most enchanting, charming, delightful, touching night imaginable.  The kids were thoroughly entertained and I only wished it were twice as long as it was. 
Abe had a date downtown with Elinor and Peter during the concert so he could drop us off and pick us up to save time with me away from Peter.  It was a special evening and even though the kids are little I hope they remember the sweet time we had together.
This is one I cannot wait to watch again when it is shown on PBS next year.  Particularly the Count and the organist's "Twelve Days of Christmas".  I've never heard anything like it, but was nearly in tears with enjoyment.  We really lucked out with tickets this year.  We got them from Abe's sister-in-law's step-father who is in the Orchestra at Temple Square.  
We have had unseasonably warm weather for the entire month of December.  It inspired the little kids to drag the bikes back out of the garage.
I am not complaining about the lack of snow this year, but if we were to get some snow during the Christmas break for a sledding party, that would be okay too.
We got the supersaucer back out after a several year haitus.  I'm glad we kept it stored in the garage and didn't get rid of it.  Peter loves it and my arms have enjoyed the break.  
By the way-- I dedicate my usage of the word "haitus" to my dear friend Emily Leblanc and our 11th grade English teacher whose name I have long since forgotten.  We loved that word!

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