Friday, December 12, 2014

Ward Christmas Party 2014

I like him a lot.  He is a "Jolley" elf.  Abraham Jolley Fox was aptly named.
Here's another Jolley Fox. Cannon Jolley Fox.  We had our ward Christmas party last weekend and it was great fun-- it was themed, "A Charlie Brown Christmas".
George and his best buddy Lincoln.
Elinor and Megan-- two young ladies getting pretty excited to join the Young Women next year.
To state the obvious-- I love my George.
As part of the evening's entertainment, each auxiliary had to present a talent to help Charlie Brown find the real meaning of Christmas.  As a Relief Society presidency we sang and danced "O Candy Cane" to the tune of "O Christmas Tree".  Needless to say, we did not represent the true meaning of Christmas.  And we weren't even that good at singing or dancing.
The young men acted out the song, "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch."  Clark fulfilled his dream role of the Grinch. 
I particularly liked when he stole the tables' centerpieces.
Bethany helped out the young women by telling reindeer jokes.  This one was either really funny or just really bad.
It was really sweet at the end when Santa Claus came and shared the true meaning of Christmas by reading the Christmas story out of the Bible.  
We left the party in such good spirits.  I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but we love our ward.  We feel so blessed by the good people we're surrounded by.
And although this picture of Peter would suggest otherwise, we are having lovely Christmas season.  Just before our Thanksgiving trip to Spokane Clark, Bethany, and Elinor sat me down and informed me that they were quitting swim team.  They had been having a hard time with a coach there for several months, and they had finally had enough.
I saw that resistance was futile and they really were done.  While I was a little sad to move one, I did appreciate that they banded together and had a united front.  And I REALLY appreciate that I am not driving to and from swim practice anymore.  HOLY SMOKES!  How did I do that for so long, so many times a week, right at dinner time???  
The point is, since then our evenings have been considerably less frenzied-- even with December festivities.  Hopefully we won't go stir crazy in January and February.  Not to worry, I'm sure we'll find something else to fill our time, and probably sooner rather than later.  We'll enjoy the calm for a little while at least.

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