Thursday, January 8, 2015

Captain Cannon Meets Capain Awesome

I owe a big thank you to my sister-in-law, Melissa.  She is a children's literature expert whose advice I sought for recommendations on books for Cannon.  She gave many wonderful suggestions, several of which we checked out from the library yesterday.  I was looking for something funny that he wouldn't be able to put down.  Man, oh man! Did Melissa deliver!
Cannon and Faith both stayed up late last night reading-- sometimes aloud, sometimes silently-- on my bed while I folded clothes.  As a mom of seven, the sound of silence can be golden.  But do you know what's even better than silence?  The sound of children turning book pages.  It was a deliriously happy moment for me.
By this morning he had completed the first two.  As of writing this, he is almost done with the third Captain Awesome book.  Winner, winner!  I asked to take his picture with his books.  Then it got funny.  Have I ever mentioned how entertaining this boy is?
Energizer bunny comes to mind.
The Energizer Bunny with a flair for the dramatic.
I should mention that it is delightful to listen to him read, because not only can he easily decipher the words, but he totally understands the characters and emotions, so listening to him read is like listening to a really great audio book.
And F-U-N-N-Y! 
The good news is that when he finishes #3, we have a whole tote full of more recommended selections.  Yippee! 


Melissa Fox said...

Yay for finding good books!

Amy F. said...

OOh! Could you forward me that list? John is older, but with dyslexia probably at Cannon's same reading level. Cannon is hilarious!