Sunday, January 18, 2015

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Book Club

If you're going to have a kids' book club about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory you simply must have some candy.  And really, the more candy, the better.  We decided to have a movie party for this book club.  I have never before done a movie as part of book club-- since it's a club about books, not movies.  But this is one case where I feel the movie is at least as good as the book, if not better.  We watched the older, musical version because the new one with Johnny Depp is creepy.  It could be argued that the older movie is creepy too, but not as creepy.
This is how I got them to take such a nice picture  (see previous picture).  I told them to save up all their crazy eyes and tongues sticking out and bunny ears for a super awesome crazy picture.  They didn't disappoint.
And then they were very cooperative, lining up youngest to oldest to pick out their candy treat and bag of popcorn.  Better than a movie theater!
I am pleased to report that there were no tears regarding who got what candy.  That's more impressive that it might seem.  This could potentially have been worse than a kids' gift exchange.
I knew the nerds would go fast.
Normally, my older girls do not join in the kids' book club festivities.  They've moved beyond.   I suppose a movie in the middle of the day and candy and popcorn was enough to pull them back to their book club roots.
This man-child was not to be lured away from the task at hand-- school work.  He was, however, interested in the candy.  Which candy I said he could have if he at least let me take his picture.
And Peter as Baby Cupid has nothing whatsoever to do with the book or book club, but we thought him pretty cute.
Later in the week we tended a little baby who is couple of months younger than Peter.  It was fun to have a little taste of having twins for a few hours.  A few hours is really all I think I need-- too rich for everyday.   


Abe Fox said...

And THREE varieties of popcorn.....Salt & Butter, Kettle Corn and White Cheddar!!! BLOW MY MIND still sometimes.....and I've lived with you for over 17 years now!!!

Amy F. said...

Peter as cupid stole the show of this post!!! So adorable!! Although that was a pretty awesome bookclub!